Sunday, January 18, 2009

101 in 1001

Mission: To complete 101 predefined tasks in 1001 days.

Start Date: Sunday, January 18, 2009
End Date: Sunday, October 16, 2011

My List (in no order):
  1. Take a Crossfit class.
  2. Learn to do a handstand push-up.
  3. Adopt a French Bulldog from The French Bulldog Village.
  4. Be enrolled in and taking classes to obtain my Masters Degree in School Psychology.
  5. Be 100% (credit card) debt free.
  6. Contribute aggressively to my 401K.
  7. Take SCUBA certification classes.
  8. Go SCUBA diving.
  9. Keep a plant alive.
  10. Get married.
  11. Get into rock climbing.
  12. Learn to mountain bike.
  13. Go camping at Joshua Tree.
  14. Start a family.
  15. Create and print a photo book in iPhoto.
  16. See a Cirque du Soleil show.
  17. Volunteer at the homeless shelter once per month. (0/83)
  18. Visit Grandma's grave.
  19. Get engaged.
  20. Run & complete a marathon.
  21. Wear the sexy lingerie that is sitting in my drawer.
  22. Get a library card.
  23. Check books out at the library, instead of buying them.
  24. Give at least one person a compliment every day. (0/1001)
  25. Travel outside of the United States.
  26. Learn to snow ski.
  27. Go on a road trip with Matt.
  28. Learn to snowboard.
  29. Read at least one book per month. (0/83)
  30. Donate blood.
  31. Do weekly devotionals. (0/143)
  32. Attend five new churches. (0/5)
  33. Find a church to call our home church.
  34. Start working on a coffee table book (for future publication).
  35. Have a dinner party.
  36. Take a cooking class.
  37. In the drive-thru at Starbucks, pay for the person behind me, just because.
  38. Go on a picnic.
  39. Use only reusable bags.
  40. Send a postcard to PostSecret.
  41. Get a passport.
  42. Try to surf.
  43. Learn to ballroom dance.
  44. Brew my own beer.
  45. Exercise at least 3 times per week. (0/143)
  46. Make one piece of jewelry for myself.
  47. Make one new girl friend.
  48. Pray at least once per day (0/1001)
  49. Build a Crossfit gym for personal use.
  50. Get over my phobia of birds.
  51. Take Carlee to her first day of school.
  52. Give a striptease.
  53. Take a conversational Spanish course to brush up.
  54. Go to Opening Day at the Del Mar Horse Races.
  55. Design my own wedding dress.
  56. Learn to make Love Balls.
  57. Sell at least one Love Ball on Etsy.
  58. Go on a hot air balloon ride.
  59. Learn about wine.
  60. Hand wash and vacuum my car once per month. (0/83)
  61. Eat one meal per week that follows the Paleo Diet. (0/143)
  62. Buy only things that I NEED.
  63. Join a volleyball league.
  64. Make my own website.
  65. Start a scrapbook for Matt & I.
  66. Send at least one handwritten note/card/letter once per week. (0/143)
  67. Make a snowman.
  68. Get six-pack abs.
  69. Make a snow angel.
  70. Have a snow fight.
  71. Throw a surprise party.
  72. One night per week, swap TV for a board game. (0/143)
  73. Write down prayer requests daily.
  74. Join a Bible Study group.
  75. Make a cheesecake from scratch.
  76. Watch fireworks from Fiesta Island.
  77. Have sex on the beach.
  78. Fill my empty photo frames. (0/6)
  79. Learn to fly fish.
  80. Go fishing.
  81. Shoot a gun at the shooting range.
  82. Go apple picking in Julian...and then make apple pie with them.
  83. Go hiking.
  84. Visit at least one museum every 3 months at Balboa Park. (0/27)
  85. Ride my bike from my place to Matt's place.
  86. Go ice skating.
  87. Go to a haunted trail in the month of October. (0/2)
  88. Go to the Padres season opener.
  89. Go to a Chargers game.
  90. Go sailing.
  91. Learn to water ski.
  92. Visit Casey's grave.
  93. Go wakeboarding.
  94. Take a CPR Certification class.
  95. Participate in Homeless Ministry through church once per month. (0/83)
  96. See 3 plays put on by local theatres. (0/3)
  97. Fly a kite.
  98. See 3 movies in the movie theatre alone. (0/3)
  99. Eat at 5 new (to me) restaurants. (0/5)
  100. Have boudoir photos taken.
  101. Send out Christmas cards with our photo on them for our "1st Christmas.
Task has been completed.
In progress.


  1. I'm looking forward to watching you and helping you complete your tasks. I am so proud of you!

  2. fantastic idea... ive been making these little lists on my iphone so I need to put one on my blog! we have a lot of similar things in mind too... good luck :)

  3. You two should come up to visit this summer -- I'll take you up to Squamish and show you what climbing is really about! :)

    Might be able to help you out with some of your dancing goals too.


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