Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cut Ties

While I may have been in a "mood" yesterday, said "mood" has subsided. And you better believe I'm riding it out.

All ties have finally been cut with J. We had a joint checking account that was still open, but obviously not in use. It would have been closed out on the same day that I transferred my car insurance, my cell phone, my renters insurance and everything else out of both of our names and into just mine. But. Both parties had to be present in order to close out the account. I understand if there were, like, funds in the account. But those, too, were transferred immediately upon my vacating our shared space. 

The experience at the bank was sitcom-worthy. The teller assisting us asked why the account was being closed out. J, shifting a bit, said something to the effect of, "Well, we were together once upon a time and now. Well, we're not." Teller, obviously feeling uncomfortable, says, "Um. Oookay. I need to get a manager's approval. I'll be right back." Manager bounces over, beaming and far too cheery for my liking. 

"Hiiieeeeee! Closing out an account today, huh? May I ask why you two are closing your account?" 

She had me irritated from moment number one with her cheesy smile and bouncy gait. Her "Hiiieeeeee!" had been doubly irritating. And, really? You're asking us twice... twice! why we're closing out our account? 

"We were engaged once. But we decided that it wasn't going to work out so we called the engagement off. Since we were planning on getting married, we got a joint account together. But. Well, when you're no longer getting married, there is no need for a joint account."  ::SMILE::

I thought her mouth was going to fall off her face. She looked astounded that I would say such a thing. And very uncomfortable. She blushed momentarily.

"Oh! My! Um. Well, isn't this awkward! Okay. Um. Well, that's all I need. Have a great day...."

I just couldn't help myself  :)


  1. ha! I hate people like that.....

  2. I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall...or rather just seen that, lol. Too funny!

  3. You didn't mention how we got to work out with him n his girlfriend at 24.


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