Monday, January 12, 2009

Employment: Day One (And Other Random Things)

Confession: I am anal retentive. 

Okay. Not much of a confession to those of you who know me in real life. Or at least know me well enough, real life or not.

Confession, Take Two: I am anal retentive about silly things. Take last night, for example. First, I make Matt stay at my place last night. Because I started my new job today. And, well. I needed to feel comfortable and not rushed and totally in my own realm this morning. We get to my place after church and I immediately start cleanin
g the floors. (By the way, if you don't have a Swiffer Sweeper, you are sooooo behind on the times). Anyway, floor is clean, dishes done, bathroom clean, apartment sparkling...I can relax and spend the rest of the evening snuggled up on the couch with my love, watching 'Rock of Love Bus Tour' (everyone needs a little Whiskey Tango in their lives, once a week, every Sunday, after church!)

I digress.

First day of employment went great. Which is better than I had anticipated, what with my negative attitude about it. Oops.         :-/     Don't really have much more to say about that, though. Seems like the Boss Lady and I will get along g
reat and the tasks are far below my ability and capacity, but I can get them done, and impressively fast, so I guess that makes me look stellar? ;)

Moving along...quick recap of our weekend, bullet pointed for Julia:
  • Left for Orange County on Friday morning around 11. Quick, easy trip. Mr. Man had me drive while he reviewed his notes for the interview...maybe that's why it was such a quick drive up ;) Drove to the Headquarters in Irvine-ish, pinpointed where Matt needed to be at 2:30, and headed to On The Boarder for some grub. While we ate, Matt & I went over the interview questions and I gave him some interview pointers. You know, since I'm SUCH a pro and landed a job just days before, based solely on my insane interview skills. Ha!
  • Watched Matt change into his suit (btw...HOTDAMN!...had never seen the man in a suit before...Mama like!) in the parking lot of On The Boarder. Drove back over to Headquarters, prayed, and in he went. One hour later, out he came. Smiling. Beaming. ::exhale:: Whew! It's over with...and now we get to hurry up and wait. Rumor has it he scored very, very well. Like, duh.
  • Now? Now the partying begins. Wait...first we played American Idol on Wii for about 30 minutes with Matt's friend Andrew & his girlfriend Kelly. Mmmm...let's just say that Matt and I will NOT be having children who are gifted in the singing department :)
  • Okay. NOW the partying begins. 3 beers at Andrew's house in Newport Beach. 2 pitchers of beer between Matt, Andrew and me. Oh. And 1 shot of Jager each. ::GRIN:: Sarah's feelin' good!
  • Pit stop at Albertson's on the walk back to Andrew's. 1 LARGE handle of Absolut and 6 cans of Lo-Carb Monster and $73.00 later and we're out. But not after Andrew and I are scolded by the Albertson's cashier. "Someone pay. I don't care who. But someone. Just. Pay." Eeeew, attitude.
  • Back at Andrew's. I pour us each a glass of Absolut Monster. Ahem. More like a glass of Absolut with a splash of Monster. What's it matter anyway? You can't taste the vodka after the first 2 sips anyway...
  • ...and therein lies the problem.
  • The night ended with me worshipping the Porcelain God. But not before I instigate a massive fight between Andrew and Kelly. And, well, myself, of course. What a great first impression, Sarah! Ahhhhh...memories....
  • I woke up with a massive hangover. Like, ridiculous. As in, I'veneverbeensohungoverinmylifeandwanttodie.
  • And this little guy? He's the Hangover Pig, courtesy of a favorite boy of mine, because I was feeling like shit. Let's hope the Hangover Pig can maintain his spot atop my Bible on my nightstand, and not ever, ever, ever have to come out for remedying again.


  1. I never want to see that little piggy again!

  2. ROTFL. Hangover Pig!!? I love it!!

  3. ...and where's the credit for introducing you to Swiffer?

  4. Good to hear things are going well with the new job.

  5. I feel your pain...after 3 hours in the pool bar at Margaritaville and 4 VERY strong drinks (2 margaritas and 2 lizard drinks) I had quality time with the trash can...I am still shuddering at the mere mention of tequila.

  6. I must not use the Swiffer correctly because I have two and am not a fan! The pads seem to dry out before I get halfway done... maybe they are better for really small areas of already semi-clean floor.


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