Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Employment: Day Twelve

I'm on the search again.

For a new job, that is. I won't quit this one until I know I have something else lined up...but I just don't know that I can do it anymore. The tension in this office is SO thick. There is the monolithic, "Hhhumphhhh" every few minutes from the lady in the next cubicle over. Then there is the bickering about who was the last person to put copy paper in the copy machine. But not so much the last person so much as the last company to put it in. And heaven forbid one company put in 20 sheets more than another! The earth might open up and swallow us all if that were to happen! A whole .10 cents more that one company might spend on the paper shared by all! No! No! NO!

Then, I realize today that I had every right to be concerned about the salary and not getting what I asked for. Yes, I'm thankful I was able to find something to bring some type of income so quickly. And yes, I'm fully aware of the absolute shit state of the economy these days. And how unemployment rates hit something like 9% today. Do you realize that during the Depression, unemployment rates were 20%? We really aren't too far off from that. One in five people were unemployed during the Depression. We're too damn close to those statistics becoming reality. And it scares the shit out of me. So. I'm holding on to this job (hey--it's something, right?) until I find something that is 1-less drama and tension and 2-that pays along the lines of what I need in order to make ends meet each month.

And you might be thinking that maybe it's time for me to take my expensive car and turn it back in to the dealership. And I realize this. And it's something I've thought about and something I haven't completely written off. I LOVE that car. But I'm 26 years old. I don't know many 26 year olds who are driving cars as nice as mine. I originally got it because it is kinda a necessity when you're in high-end real estate to drive a luxury car. And because it was only $50-something dollars more per month than I was paying on my Jetta. But maybe the lesson for me to learn here is humility. And maybe I need to take that car back to them and drive a beater. Just something that gets me to and from work and where I need to go. Nothing flashy or pretty or luxurious. Just a reliable car with 4 wheels, in good condition that won't stress me out every time I make the payment on it.

So. Instead of whining and griping like I have been doing, I decided to take action today. I logged on to Monster.com, which I hadn't done since I was offered this job. I found 8 places who are looking for Executive Assitants and are within the salary range that I was originally seeking. I submitted my resume to all 8. This was at 10:30 this morning. At 1:51 this afternoon, I received a call back in regard to my resume. ALREADY.

"I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, I think I can..."


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  1. I'm sorry you're not digging the job :( But that is great that you have already gotten a call!

    Here in MI, unemployment is at 10%, oh joy.

    And, I drive a Scion XB. Some people think it's ugly as sin, but I love it. Great on gas, TONS of room, and kind of funky. And, brand new, was only $17,200 :)


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