Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I live: in the cutest, coziest little apartment ever...but I'm looking forward to making a home with someone. Soon :)
I work: to live; I don't live to work.
I smell: gasoline at the gas station...and like it!
I listen: and am listened to. One of the things I value most about my relationship with Matt.
I hide: bathroom scales, otherwise, I get obsessive about that number. Ugh.
I walk: with confidence. Or so I'm told. To me, it's just walking...
I write: "Sarah Matt'sLastName" on pieces of paper while I'm on hold on the phone. So I'm 12, okay? :)
I see: the brightest, best, most amazing future filled with happiness, love and fun.
I sing: really, really loud in my car. But only if I'm alone or with Brooke or Mama.
I can: now say that I really, truly believe in "The One." Ewwwww!
I watch: American Idol--but only the first few, you know, during the auditions or whatever.
I daydream: uhhh pretty much ALL the time now. About getting engaged. Making a home together. Marrying him. Having babies. Our life in 20 years. <3
I fall: more and more in love with Matt every single day. If I love him this much now, today, I don't get how it could ever be possible for me to love him more than I do in this moment. I know it will happen. But I can't fathom it...
I want: to be a School Psychologist. Desperately.
I cry: when I'm angry. When I'm sad. When I'm happy. I kinda cry a lot, these days. Which is good, because it means I'm...what's that word?...oh yeah, feeling ;)
I read: not nearly as much as I'd like to...but when I do, I don't put the damn book down. It consumes me.
I love: Matt. God. My family. My iPhone. Chapstick. The ocean. Horses. Reading. Purple. And blue, too. My toes, even if they are long. My handwriting. Scrapbooking. Cozy, comfy beds. Hot tea. My Uggs. Flip flops. Stars.
I rode: horses growing up...but haven't ridden in many, many years. It's my dream to get back on a horse again. Soon.
I sometimes: let my self-depricating thoughts and insecurities get the best of me. I typically do a really good job of not allowing that to happen, but every now and then, they creep in. And I get ugly.
I fear: never being a mother. Losing my mother. That in the end, I will have not left a mark.
I hope: this economy takes an upswing. A recession is one thing. A depression is another.
I eat: healthy foods, for the most part. But I'm quite the sugar addict and sneak it in, one way or another, daily.
I drink: water allllll day long. I think my office mates probably whisper about me behind my back because I pee 10 times a day. Seriously.
I play: fair. Most of the time. But if you wanna fight dirty, I'll get down n dirty!
I miss: the innocence of my youth. Lack of responsibilities. Naivete about the world.
I forgive: him, whoever he is. If not, I could never have gotten past it.
I drive: recklessly, sometimes. It's Lexi, I swear! ;)
I lost: my best friend because of someone else's selfish, immature choice.
I dream: in color!
I kiss: and tell!
I hug: those I care about. A good hug can make me happy all day long. Good huggers? Not so easy to come by.
I have: to pee. See? Toldja. They totally talk about me.
I remember: the important stuff. But the rest is lost forever.
I don't: enjoy being cold.
I believe: in Him.
I owe: Matt, big time. He saved me. And my confidence that there was, in fact, someone out there who was perfect...for me.
I know: that I shouldn't be blogging at work. And I've resisted for 4 days. That's pretty good, isn't it?
I hate: surprises. Because I'm anal. A control freak. And a surprise means I didn't know about it. Which means I had no part in planning it. Which means it freaks me out. BUT. I'm getting better.
I wish: I could get a quick glimpse into a crystal ball :)
I wear: a size 8 on my ring finger on my left hand. I mean, in case anyone needed to know...
My ex: just wasn't the one for me.
Maybe I should: listen to my mom more often. I mean, I already know this. But maybe I should actually DO this. She's always right, that woman. ALWAYS. And frankly, it's irritating.
People would say that I'm: ummm...I don't know! Help?
I don't understand: most of the mysteries that compose of this thing we call 'life.' But, I don't believe I was made to understand them, either.
Life if full of: lemons and cherries. And tequila and ice cream sundaes to even it alllll out :)
My past is: my past. And I like keeping it that way.
I get annoyed when: ha! I get annoyed frequently. And easily. But mostly when people don't do things the way I would do them. I know, I know. How very anal and inflexible of me.
Parties are: fun while you're at them. But the next day? Ugh. Seems the older I get, the worse the next day hits me.
Tomorrow: is Friday! Yippee!
Never in my life have I: regretted a big decision.
When I was younger, I: thought I knew what I wanted. Little did I know, I had NO idea.
When I'm nervous: I pick at the skin around my thumbs. Drives Matt CRAZY.
When I was 5: I was in 1st grade. That's really all I remember about being 5.
My life is not complete without: Matty...duh.
If you visit my hometown: you'll likely be bored within mere minutes of arriving. It's kinda full of corn fields, dairy farms and cotton fields. Yee. Haw.
The world could do without: ignorance. Then again, that would remove a lot of blissful people ;)
If I ever go back to school: more like WHEN I go back to school...I will be the first in my family to obtain a Master's Degree.
And, by the way: I love you, Matty.


  1. You have an iphone? I'm jealous. ;)

  2. The part about listening to your Mom? yea, I am the same way. She is almost always right, and I should always listen and do I? I try, but don't always, and wish I had.

    And, I heart my iPhone too! Best invention eva.

  3. Here's a little help...
    People would say that I'm: The most amazing woman in the world, an angel, a shining star in the darkness of life, a dream come true, everything, sexy, gorgeous, intelligent, funny, and maybe a little bit of a dork ;)

  4. Here's one:

    People would say you've got a pretty great boyfriend there! ;)


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