Thursday, January 8, 2009

Unemployment: Day Four

Got the job.
Start on Monday.
Not excited.
Might have spent a few minutes shedding a few undercover tears because I'm feeling like a failure. Or maybe it's just disappointment. Or. Who knows.

Off to Orange County tomorrow with my love for his OCFA interview (prayers and good vibes and all of that superstitious stuff, please!) We're staying the night with his friend and enjoying ourselves. 


  1. Congrats! I am being positive about this, LOL, since you are not! It is awesome you got an offer that quickly. :).

  2. Congrats! And I hope you have a great time in OC!

  3. Congrats and don't fret too much. Just keep looking anyway. Never settle ;-)

    Good Luck to Matt !

  4. how can you feel like a failure?? you were just laid off last week and got the first job you iviewed for! You sound like a big huge freakin success to me! Its ok to bide your time and wait out the economy, the good jobs will come to us! Have a great time in OC!!!!


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