Monday, February 9, 2009

Church, Lunch n Cigars

Dinner at The BossLady's house went really well. We had chicken & salad, complete with an ice cream sundae bar for dessert! Conversation was nice and flowed and Matt charmed the pants off of all of my coworkers.

Saturday I slept in until 9 (glorious, I tell you!), got my laundry done, took the dogs for a walk (until it started raining on us) and then headed back to my house to lounge before the big Girls Night Out. We did wine & appetizers beforehand at Elaine's house and caught up--lots of fun. Headed to the theater and ended up sitting totally spread out and nowhere near one another because it was so packed. Insanity! "He's Just Not That Into You" was SO cute and SO funny. I went through a range of motions while watching it--I laughed (a lot!), I cried, I felt upset with 2 characters in particular, I felt irritated and I felt happy for ALL of the characters at the end of the movie, because they each got what they were ultimately searching for, through the heartache and frustration of dating.

On the way home, we each identified which character we were most like (in terms of our dating styles) from the movie. Elaine said she was most like Jennifer Aniston's character. Hannah said she is most like Drew Barrymore's character. Casey said she is most like Jennifer Connolly's character. And I said I was a mix between Scarlett Johansson & Ginnifer Goodwin's character. I thought it was hilarious how we each were able to distinctly point out "our" characters...and that none of us were the same! And I swear to you, had I read that book or had that movie come out when Matt & I were dating the first time (Part I, as we so lovingly refer to it), I would have NEVER gone and met him for that drink that inevitably led to us rekindling our romance, leading us to where we are now, in Part II. I'm SO thankful I didn't read it--because, obviously, I'm the exception ;)

Sunday, Matt & I were trying to hit up the new church again. But. Um. Welllll. We kinda didn't make it. Sorta. He was on his way home from work & told me he wanted pancakes. So, I told him I'd make him some pancakes. He came over and I had JUST gotten out of bed and mixed up the pancake mix. It's 9AM at this point. Church starts at 10:15 and we need to leave 30 minutes before then in order to make it on time. We don't finish eating until 9:30, at which point I ask Matt what time it is. I rush around trying to get ready while he cleans up the kitchen--but it's pointless. We're not going to make it to that church OR to our regular church. Especially since it's pouring outside. So, we did what any person would do in that situation. We crawled into bed and took a nap.

After the nap, we went and met one of my favorite friends, Danny, downtown at Nicky Rotten's for lunch. I've known Danny since I was 17--he lived in San Luis Obispo & that's how we met, one weekend when Brooke & I were still in high school and just went to stay in her parents beach house for the weekend. He went to Cal Poly and we became close friends, fast. We just clicked & got along really well. Danny saw me through some really lame boyfriends and I saw him through some really lame girlfriends ;) He stayed in SLO after he graduated and I moved back home to take care of my grandma a year before that. Then, I moved to San Diego and 2 years later, he moved to San Diego, too. He moved up to Northern California a few years ago to complete his Masters program at St. Mary's and to be with his girlfriend. Anyway, it was SO nice to catch up and see him and I was glad Matt was off work and able to go with me. Had the BEST burger and a few beers & just really enjoyed chatting.

After lunch, Matt & I figured that, hey, we were already downtown, we might as well do something fun. So, we walked across the street to the Cuban Cigar Factory & Bar. I've never smoked a cigar (of my own) before. I've had a little puff off of someone else's, but that's about it. I picked out a very yummy (very girly) CAO cigar that had a sweet, Vanilla-y flavor to it. Drank a Fat Tire with it and it was just fab! Matt got some big ol' cigar and a glass of port. I had never had a port before--ooooh, I'm a fan! We sat and talked and had a good time listening to music & meeting people. I finished my cigar and my beer and went into the humidor to grab another cigar. This time, I got an Arturo Fuente and another glass of Fat Tire. We spent a good 3 hours in this bar, shooting the shit with the owner and the workers...and with some Secret Service FBI Agents who were in town for a convention. They were quite comical and we had fun joking back and forth.

So, it's official. Matt and I will have a "Port & Cigar Day" once a month from now on, whether we do it at home or go to a cigar bar. I had SO much fun with him and I can't wait until next month's cigar day :)

Oh. And I need to revise my "101 in 1001," seeing as how there have been some revisions in my life that need to be reflected on that list. Be on the lookout!

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