Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Engagement BLISS!

I've been riding this blissed out engagement train for a week and a half...and I kinda don't ever want these feelings to go away! I've found myself a little too close to the bumpers of several cars in stop and go traffic on the freeway because I was admiring my engagement ring. I've found myself freaking out when I flick my ring finger with my thumb and my ring isn't there...because I've taken it off to wash dishes, or take a shower. I feel naked without it.

We're in full on wedding planning mode. And when I say we, I mean WE. Matt (although he's going to despise me for posting this) has been an asbolute gem in helping with the wedding planning. The man has an opinion on everything and I *love* it. On one of his days off last week, he went out scoping ceremony sites, taking photos with his iPhone and emailing them to me for my thoughts. WE have colors chosen. And a date. And invitations. And a photographer. And. Well...we've pretty much almost got a wedding fully planned out, folks! And yes, it has only been 10 days since The Day, but we're damn close to being done with the wedding planning.

The Ceremony & Reception Site:
A private residence in Laguna Niguel. The home of family friends of Matt's, where he spent a lot of time growing up. A private residence that is amazingly gorgeous, with views of Doheny Beach. ::sigh:: It's truly a dream.

The Date:
Saturday, August 1, 2009. A mere 158 days from today! Yippee!

The Guest List:
50ish people. Immediate family and very, very close friends only. A VERY intimate ceremony & reception. We can celebrate and party with the other circles of friends another time. But I want it to be shared with those who mean the most and have meant the most. It's that small girly part of me that gets all mushy and soft when I think about the symbolism that holds for me.

The Dress:
I'm not 'traditional.' The thought of a gown of white organza and chiffon and wearing three petticoats makes me break out in stress hives. Imagine what would happen if I was forced to wear it! So, I'm not traditional. In the sense of the "typical" wedding dress. In the sense of the groom not seeing the dress before the wedding. All of that. But I AM traditional in the sense that the groom shall not see me IN the dress before the wedding. His first glimpse at me walking down the aisle shall be the first time he sees me, his soon-to-be bride. With that said, this is the dress. Swoon-worthy, no?

The Bridal Bouquet:
A white rose ensemble...I'm picturing something like this.

The Colors:
Aqua, lime and white. Really, shades of aqua/blue and lime/green. Summery. Fresh. Organic, if you will.

The Invitations:
We are either going with 'Summer Retro Wedding' or 'Classic Garden Invitation'. We ordered samples of each and will make the decision once we've got them in our hands and can see them, touch them and experience them in person. Toldja I'm not traditional... ;)

The Photographer:
We are in LOVE with her! Hillary. Not only is she giving us an amazingly great price on our package, but she agreed to travel with us to Laguna Niguel and was flexible when we told her we were changing our originally discussed July 25th wedding date to Augsut 1st. We haven't met her yet, but she came highly recommended by one of the guys at the Station to Matt. I've chatted with her on the phone a few times now and she and I just "click." She 'gets' us. And our style and what we're going for. And she's giddy with excitement to shoot our engagement session (March 15th!) and our ceremony & reception. Yay! To see her work, click here and then choose Galleries, then Wedding 2. This is the style she's shooting our wedding in...TOTALLY us!

As for the rest of the details, we're looking to have a string quartet play during the cocktail hour (while we run to Doheny Beach for photos), where there will be a sushi chef preparing sushi rolls and a bar serving beer, wine and liquor. We will have a seated, served meal in the garden (while the string quartet plays) utilizing long, rectangular tables, under strings of white lights. Matt has the centerpieces all detailed out (with orchids and candles and the like).

Our first dance will be to "Green Eyes" by Coldplay. We will do the Father-Daughter dance and the Mother-Son dance, and that is it. No bouquet toss. No garter toss. No money dance. Those things are so not us. Our cake is going to be a cheesecake, decorated to look like a normal wedding cake. But I HATE cake. And I want to have my cake & eat it too, damnit!

While there are still minor details that need to be worked out (like, uh, finding a caterer and a string quartet), we've got the master plan in place and are executing with quickness! Who else do you know has their wedding practically completely planned out in 10 days or less, without ever having talked about it or thought about it prior to their engagement? Damn, we're a good team!

At this point, though...I couldn't care less about the colors, or the invitations, or my dress. I just want to be Matt's wife. I just want to be married to him already. In the end, that's truly what it's all about, right?


  1. That is awesome Sarah! I think everything looks (and sounds) fantastic :)

  2. Love the dress and you will look awesome in it. Love everything else too! Yay for nonstressful planning and nonchaotic brides! :).

  3. Love the dress Sarah, so you! Can't wait for daily updates :)

  4. Awww...I just stopped by on a whim and I'm happy I did. A big, huge congratulations to you two!

    Your last thought says it all - that is what matters, the rest is just details.

    Best wishes!

  5. Wow.. your wedding sounds very lovely! I love the dress! I went to the photographer's website and looked at every single picture in her galleries, I LOVE love love her work!

  6. Love the dress. It looks perfect for you. It'll be a beautiful day !


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