Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A is for. . .

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A is for Angel
I've always liked the thought of angels, floating around invisibly, ready to protect with a milliseconds notice. The thought that God gave each of us one (or two, or three, even) to follow us around and keep us safe. That we don't know they're there, but we can feel them from time to time. Or rather, sense them.

I was 11 and my mom was driving me to my babysitting job at 5:30 in the morning one Saturday. It was below freezing outside, insanely foggy, and we were on back country roads. We were coming up to an irrigation bridge when something darted out in the street in front of us. Mom had no idea what it was and tapped her brakes. Tapping her brakes caused the car to spin out of control, doing one full 360's and then a 180. As the car was spinning out of control, across the irrigation bridge, somehow, the front of the car ended up sliding along the side of the bridge. I remember both of us screaming, "Oh God! Oh my God!" and later, we both discovered that we truly thought we were going to die, teetering over the edge of the bridge with freezing, running water underneath it.

Once the car finally stopped moving, after slamming the drivers side door into a telephone pole, we sat, in silence, car still running, contents of the car spewed around us. I looked down and we were holding hands. When this occurred, I'm not sure, though I would bet it was a knee-jerk reaction upon losing control of the car. We looked at each other. We were alive. No scratches. No bruises. A majorly damaged car, but minimally damaged persons. When the police arrived and asked both of us to tell what happened, unbeknownst to my mom or me, we both recounted the details to the cops, separately, both describing the car spinning out of control and then the front of the car sliding along the bridge--and we both used the words, " felt like someone picked the car up to stop it from teetering over the edge and literally moved it off the bridge."

We both immediately felt the presence of an angel. We both thought it was an angel--our angel--who protected us during that insane accident.

That was my first experience with angels, and I know there are many, many more to come.

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