Friday, March 6, 2009

TGIF x100

  • It's finally Friday. Although, I don't know why I say it like that, because this week has flown by. Regardless, I need tonight, and this weekend. I need this break from the drama that is the office I work in. ::sigh::
  • I had my one-on-one meeting with an Admissions Counselor at the U of O for my nursing program on Tuesday night. It went awesomely well! We figured out the classes I need to take that are pre requisites in order to apply to the nursing program. 7 classes. Ouch. Nutrition (easy), English Comp II (a breeze!), US Government (meh, I'll make it easy), Chemistry + Lab (it'll be tough, but I'll get an A), Microbiology + Lab (kill!), Human Anatomy (yay for having a Paramedic for a fiance!) and Human Physiology (again...yay!). I should be able to get all of these classes done in the next 9 months. Which means I should be applying for the program in the next 9 months. And. If I get accepted, will be starting in 12 months. March 2010. And, if I start in 12 months, I will be done 14 months after that. May 2011. Whooop! Then, it's getting into the swing of working...and then time for some babymaking :)
  • Tonight, we're going to Crate & Barrel to get all registered for the wedding. Yay! One more thing to cross off the "To Do" list in preparation for the wedding. I think we've also narrowed down our florist and caterer as well. Oh! And the dress I posted? I went and tried it on on Sunday. Um. EW. It looked hideous on me. My girlfriend Erin went with me and we both agreed it did nothing for my figure. Made me look boxy and straight, like a boy. Luckily, the saleslady was good at her job, and had pulled several other dresses for me to try on, similar to the style of (what I thought was) "THE" dress. And...I really, truly, 100% found THE DRESS :) I can't post pics here of it, because I decided that Matt doesn't get to see it until I walk down the aisle. here (my old, private blog) to see it, along with the shoes I'm giong to wear with it. And if you're not a reader of that blog, email me or post here with your email and I'll invite you so you can see it. Not you, though, Matthew!

I think that's it...for now. Have a fabulous weekend!


  1. Oh I want to see! Invite me?

  2. Whew! You are my wedding planner hero...I can't believe how easy and stress free you are making it seem. Except for the whole brother thing: He has plenty of notice to get the time off and save a little to make it. You are his sister-- his only sister and he should make it a priority!
    Congrats on heading to nursing school!
    **I really meant that I want Isaac to feel my pain....getting fat is not easy, even if I have the whole pregnancy thing as an excuse :)

  3. I want to see your dress :)


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