Friday, April 24, 2009


Yesterday, I received 2 calls from a "Blocked" number and 2 calls from an "Unknown" number. I didn't answer either of them. I figured, if someone wants to get in touch with me bad enough, they will either leave a message or find another way to contact me.

Matt comes to pick me up for our appointment (I was at work still and the therapists office is less than 5 miles from my work). We arrive 20 minutes early, per their request, to fill out "new patient" paperwork. We're informed that they have been trying to get in contact with me all afternoon--our therapist had to leave unexpectedly for a 'Psychiatric Emergency' (let's hope it was unexpectedly, because a PLANNED psychiatric emergency just doesn't sound like fun at all).

Poor Matt. When he picked me up, he expressed to me that he was feeling nervous and a little weird about the appointment. So it was quite an emotional build up for him. And. I know he's going to want to kill me after reading this, but it's too cute not to share...we're on gchat about 30 minutes before we need to arrive to our appointment and he says to me, "So, what does one wear to a counseling appointment?" So. Freaking. Cute.

We rescheduled to Tuesday evening--though I won't be posting details, I will post an update on how the session goes and how well (or not well) we like our therapist.


  1. I think thats great (not about it being cancelled, but that you guys are doing that!)

    I'll be sending you an email in a bit via facebook!

  2. Good luck with your marriage therapy. One great book that I've found is called "Fighting for your Marriage" it's been great on how to better communicate with your spouse.


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