Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Mrs. Lucas Here

Yes, we really did get married. No, I'm not kidding & not playing around. (Just to answer a few questions) ;) And yes, we're still having the whole shindig on August 1st. This was more just a legality, a formality.

We have been tossing the idea around for about a month now, about getting married sooner rather than later. There are a lot of reasons behind it.
  1. We both have been struggling with the fact that we're living together and not married. Yes, I realize it sounds silly, seeing as how we don't have much of an issue with the other stuff we do prior to being married, but nonetheless, it was weighing on both of our hearts.
  2. I am hoping to find another job soon, but most companies require a 30-90 day waiting period before benefits kick in. And I cannot be without health insurance due to pre-existing conditions (and I cannot qualify for health insurance on my own, for those reasons as well). I can be added to Matt's health insurance immediately.
  3. Our friend, Jason, is officiating our ceremony in August in Orange County. BUT. Orange County is one of 2 counties in California that does not allow for a friend/family member/etc to be 'ordained for a day' to perform the ceremony. The person must go through weeks of ordination classes. What a pain in the ass.
  4. We were dying to get married. The only thing the two of us want is to just be married already...if there was any way possible for us to have coordinated a 'wedding' for this month, it would have been both mine & Matt's preference to do so. But. We all know how difficult it can be to plan a wedding, especially when both bride & groom have full time jobs, and the fact that it might be nice to give out of town family members enough time to make travel arrangements, etc.
So. That is it! I'll have to post later about the experience at the County Assessor's office...it was the most unromantic place I believe I have ever been! But! It was insanely special and even though it was not an ideal place to be wed, we both said our vows with tears in our eyes and it was a moment never to be forgotten.
I planned a surprise "mini" honeymoon to San Francisco for the two of us, so we took off after the ceremony and flew to SF for the night & all of Sunday. Had an AMAZING time and neither of us were ready to come home.
We stayed at Hotel Vitale which is right on the Embarcadero Waterfront and is absolutely g o r g e o u s ! ! ! We stayed in the Urban Studio Room, complete with a huge soaking tub (that you better believe we enjoyed on Saturday night after we got home from dinner). The hotel staff were amazing and when I made the reservation, I told them it was our first night being spent as husband and wife...so they came in around 6pm for the turndown service & covered the bed in rose petals and placed rose petals in the shape of a heart in the middle of the bed.
Off we went for cocktails at our hotel's bar, Americano, before our 9:30pm dinner reservation at Foreign Cinema (recommended by foodie & sweetest friend, Emily). After cocktails, we walked to the BART station and took BART to the closest station to Foreign Cinema. Arrived and were seated outside, under a heat lamp, where they had a foreign film with subtitles playing against the exterior of a building. Ambiance? Awesome! Service? Awesome! Food? INCREDIBLE!!
We were in for quite a treat when our awesome server informed us that she had been asked to congratulate us and present to us a bottle of champagne from an 'Emily.' Our mouths dropped and we were in total shock. What a surprise!! We then ordered formage for the appetizer, but had been debating on the prawns instead. Our server told us the formage was amazing, and ended up bringing us the formage AND the prawns--prawns on her. How sweet! I had the fried curry chicken for my entree and Matthew had the lamb and couscous. I despise lamb. I LOVED the lamb at Foreign Cinema! For dessert, I had the cheesecake and Matt had the chocolate pot. After dessert, our server asked if we needed anything else--at this point, we were stuffed with some amazing food and a little tipsy from the entire bottle of champagne we had consumed. We told her we were done and she left to bring us the tab. When she returned, she had nothing in her hands. She informed us that dinner had been 'taken care of.' Our mouths dropped at this--we had not expected this AT ALL! Such a sweetheart :) (Oh...how I wish you all could have been there to see the look of utter confusion on Matt's face when I informed him that I have not met Emily in person. Ever. I guess if you're not into the whole online world, you just wouldn't understand it? But he was so cute. Said something along the lines of, "You mean, you've never met this girl in your life, yet she knows all about you and you all about her, just through reading each others blogs?" LOL)
After dinner, we caught a cab back to the hotel because it was getting close to cut off time for BART and because, frankly, the fabulously sexy knee high boots I was wearing weren't going to get us very far. Arriving back at the hotel, there was ANOTHER bottle of champagne on ice, a plate of fruit and a note from the hotel staff congratulating us on our marriage. So nice.
Hopped in the soaking tub where we both proceeded to fall asleep. So romantic of us, I know ;)
Sunday we walked all around the City and found the San Francisco Fire Department Museum, which was very cool and I knew Matt would like to see. Of course there were a million other things we wanted to do, but the fact that BOTH of our cell phones died (I sorta forgot the charger when I was packing our bags on Friday night) and the fact that we had a flight to catch hindered us from doing everything we wanted to.
We aren't telling everyone. My mom knows and all of my very closest friends know. Our roommate knows, as well as Jason, the guy who is officiating our ceremony in August (and who introduced us). We made the mistake of telling Matt's mom, who is really, really upset with us and is kinda not speaking to us right now. We're sure she'll get over it, at some point, but for now, we're letting it run its course and be what it is. We're both bummed that she's reacting the way she is, but we also know that she is feeling whatever she's feeling and we'll be here when she's ready to come around.
Sooo...that's it!
Mrs. Lucas
(My name change should be finalized in the next few weeks...I started the process last week & am just waiting on the Certified Copy of our Marriage Certificate!)


  1. Congrats! This is how I would do it, if I ever decided I wanted to get married that is. Glad you guys enjoyed yourselves :)

    I assume you guy have decided to go ahead and tell people that you went through the marriage/name change process... which I highly suggest doing. I don't know if you recall, the big-dramatic wedding I was in last summer, they did this his grandfather officiating was not ordained in WA and other legal/ownership benefits. Anyway, they kept it a secret from some, told others, ended up revealing very secretively (refusing details) 15min before the ceremony and it pissed off A LOT of people that they had paid a lot of money, helped them prepare, and dealt with a lot of drama for an essentially "fake wedding." You may want to be open about it. I think more people are more receptive of the whole thing, when its not held as a secret- otherwise it should just be kept as a secret.

  2. So happy for you both! This is the way to go---that way in August it will be a BIG PARTY without all the wedding day jitters!

  3. Wow! I'm still in shock a little, but it sounds like you two had a lovely time. Congratulations!!! I'm really happy for you. And I hope that the ceremony that you share with your friends is just as meaningful for everyone. You've already made the promise to each other, this is your chance to make the promise to everyone that is important to you in your life and to give them the chance to see you become your own little family unit.

    Congrats again Sarah. I'm really happy for you!

  4. Wow! That is great, all of it :)

    Congrats again to both of you!

  5. blog friends are best friends - I don't know what I would do without mine. I'm glad you guys had an amazing time, next time you come to SF you can stay with me and we can go back there for the world's best brunch :)

  6. Sarah I am so beyond thrilled for you! Pics???

  7. Congrats!!! That's so great!! And yes, we want pics!


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