Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Anti-Bride Strikes Again!

Since my life has turned into nothing but wedding planning (ugh!) it seems that's all I've got to post about. Well, that and my amazingly wonderful husband, but I'm pretty sure no one wants to hear the mushy-gushy of our daily life except for the two of us ;)

So the shoes I ordered? Know how I got a screamin' deal for only $32.57, because I'm such a bargain shopper? Ha! I got an email with the shipment confirmation on Sunday night. Mmhmm. Total price on my shoes? $27.95. Apparently, some of the promo codes I entered weren't taken into effect until the shoes were actuall processed and shipped. So it's only a $5 difference, but $5 is $5.

We spent ALLLLLLLL day in Orange County on Saturday meeting with the florist, caterer, cake designer and the Zalta's (the people who own the home we're having our wedding/reception at). Matt worked for the florist in high school as a delivery boy. He was her first delivery boy 17 years ago...and I had called to set up the consultation using only my first name and no mention of my husbands name. So when we showed up, she was absolutely shocked & surprised. It was a cool little reunion :) Anyway, she does AMAZING work! She delivers flowers to Paris Hilton, used to do the flowers weekly in Richie Sambora & Heather Locklear's house (when they were married), just did Mike Ness' wedding...so I'm actually really nervous to get her quote back. I have a feeling it's going to be O U T R A G E O U S.

Matt's mom owned a bakery when he was in high school and the guy who bought it from her, Tony, turned it into a bakery/restaurant/bar called The Bistro K. The food looks and sounds amazing (we haven't scheduled our tasting yet, as we just figured out our menu) but again...I have a feeling it's going to be O U T R A G E O U S. We are getting two quotes from them--one for a buffet meal and one for a plated meal. My guess? As much as Matt and I both aren't huge fans of the buffet meal, it may very well be the way we have to go in order to not sacrifice taste, and instead sacrifice a bit of 'class.'

As far as cakes go...I despise cake. I've never been a fan of cake. Even for birthdays as a kid, I got an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins and typically only ate the ice cream and left the frosting and cake behind for dad to eat. So why in the world would I want a traditional wedding cake at my reception?! I'm definitely not going to enjoy it and I'm for sure not going to eat it, so...what's the point? I talked my ever-so-understanding husband into doing a cheesecake--my FAVORITE dessert. And when we got there to meet Colette, I asked her if we could do something a little different. "Different?" she asked me. As if to say, "Isn't your wedding cake being a cheesecake different enough?" I told her I wanted to do individual cheesecakes, like the way they do the little cupcakes or whatever? Like that. And guess what? My wish has been granted. I'm having individual cheesecakes (crumbed on the outside) with raspberry swirls throughout and 3 fresh raspberries atop each cheesecake, as well as a white chocolate flower. HEAVENLY!

And our wedding and reception location? It's seriously out of this world beautiful. I cannot wait to see it with everything all set up and ready to go. We're stringing white lights across the lawn with big white orbs, a la the movie Big Fish. ::sigh:: So so so excited.

But is it sad that the 3 things I'm most excited about are: 1- the cheesecakes, 2- the white lights and 3- repeating my vows to my husband in front of my family & closest, dearest friends? I mean, the rest of it...I truly couldn't care less about.

Okay, so I'm also a little excited to wear my dress ;)


  1. yay for things going well and coming together. Fingers crossed that the quotes are not insane crazy.

  2. I want to fly to California to see this beautiful day :) Ah, I'm glowing in your wedding bliss :)

  3. Things seem to be coming together just great! You have this whole wedding thing figured out--it isn't about how much the food or shoes cost...it is about how special the day will be, with your family (even the mother-in-law :)) all there to witness how much you two love each other. It will be beautiful---can't wait for the pics!

  4. I love how cheesecake is on your list before the vows bit ;)


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