Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Crazy 8's

8 Things I am Looking Forward To:
1. Getting my new license in the mail...complete with new name, new address AND new photo!
2. Our 3rd couples therapy session with Michael. We're learning lots of awesome stuff & if possible, our relationship is getting better and growing.
3. Checking out the "Young Married's" small group/Bible Study on Friday night after work. 
4. Kat's Bachelorette Party in Joshua Tree this weekend. Climbing, camping & all girls? Yay!
5. Meeting with Matt's financial planner about our financial future. I'm looking forward to it AND dreading it, all at the same time. Money is always a yucky subject. At least when you don't have any, it is ;)
6. The bridal shower that my dear friend, Robin is throwing in my honor.
7. Curling up with my hubby tomorrow night after work and just r-e-l-a-x-i-n-g.
8. As much as I've been complaining about it, I AM looking forward to seeing how this whole wedding thing turns out.

8 Things I did Yesterday:
1. Ate breakfast with my husband that HE made for me on his day off. (He didn't even have to get out of bed yesterday morning if he didn't want to. But he did. Swoon).
2. Booked our flight to Kauai for THE honeymoon. Eeeep!
3. Called my dad & told him we got married. Weight lifted off shoulders? IMMEDIATELY!
4. Ordered our wedding invitations. Love love love!! If I knew how to somehow get the PDF of the invite on my blog, I would post it. And if anyone knows how, please, share!
5. Folded laundry. The laundry that Matt did ;)
6. Sent my Maid of Honor (and BFF) a list of names for THE Bachelorette Party. As well as a list of no-no's for the Bachelorette Party. (Like, NO strippers. NO "everything-penis-shaped." NO embarrassing/self deprecating games). I know, I'm boring.
7. Worked.
8. Took a pain killer, a muscle relaxer and an anti-spasm pill before bed to ease the back pain I've been experiencing for the past week. Got *some* relief.

8 Things I Wish I could Do:
1. Be a mommy. Right now.
2. Work part-time. Or just volunteer 20 hours a week somewhere.
3. Afford to invite ALL of our friends to celebrate with us on the big day. ::sigh::
4. Own a vacation home in Hawaii.
5. Let go of the past. Rather, the very, very few things I'm still holding on to.
6. Look the same way I did 3 years ago, bodywise. But that's just unhealthy, and I know that. Now.
7. Have removable breast implants. There are simply certain outfits that would just look better with bigger boobs. But soooo not my style. Or worth it, to me.
8. Paint my fingernails without it looking like a 5 year old assisted me.

8 Shows I watch
1. The Hills.
2. The Office.
3. Daisy of Love. (that was embarrassing to type)
4. Tough Love.
5. Rescue Me.
6. Chuck.
7. The City.
8. Two And A Half Men.


  1. My dear, that's what those "cutlets" are for, they are like removable implants! Okay, not really, but close...

    Yay for someone else that watches Two and a Half Men! Now we need to tell Lori how hilarious it is :)

  2. *jealousy* You are going to Kauai for the honeymoon?!? Oh, take me with you!
    ---I smile everytime you call Matt your hubby. It is funny how much your blog has changed and evolved since I started reading it...I can tell that you are the very happiest you have ever been right now. :)

  3. Nice place for a honeymoon!


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