Friday, May 1, 2009

Just Had To Brag

So while I'm totally not enjoying this wedding planning crap (oh how I wish I were one of those girls that dreamed about this their whole life...or one of those girls who had fun planning her wedding!), I AM totally enjoying being a super frugal bride. I've found some amazing deals along the way and I just found one more!

I've been searching high and low for a pair of limey green shoes for the wedding. Already a difficult task because of the color. Add in that I want them to be summery, but I don't want them to be wedges or super high heels. And I want them to either be peep toe or totally open toe (I want to show off some cute tootsies on my wedding day!). And I really wanted mules. Strappy would be okay, but only if I couldn't find a pair of limey green, summery, medium heel, peep (or open) toe shoes.

FOUND! (in lime green) AND. And! I got a great deal on them! They are originally $75, marked down to $49.95. I had a $20 off reward certificate. As well as a promotion code for free shipping. For a grand total of $32.57.

w00t w00t!


  1. love them! Much better than the first ones you chose, just in the material...they won't catch on that gorgeous dress. Lauren and I were planning on pricing some day of planners for you this week for comparison shopping....also, she is going to be in OC in a few weeks, so lets set something up so you guys can meet. loves!

  2. Those are really cute! Look at you go! I don't think anyone has found wedding shoes that inexpensive in the history of all weddings!

  3. cute shoes! I love lime green! My girlfriend had red shoes under her dress... all of us bridesmaids were wearing red dresses... its fun idea!


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