Friday, May 29, 2009


As if there hasn't been enough change in my life in the past few months, it's about to take another turn. 

I have 7 prerequisites to satisfy before I can apply to the nursing program I want to get into. I'm taking 4 of those classes this summer (English 2, Nutrition, US History 2 and Chemistry). The first 3 classes are online, so that won't be too bad. Plus, English is one of my favorite courses (and next to Psychology, one I'm best at). Nutrition will also be a piece of cake. I despise History, but know I can get by with an "A" in that one. But Chem? It's going to kill me. I'm TERRIBLE at math and TERRIBLE at the sciences.

The online classes start on Monday and the Chem class starts on June 16th. That class is MW from 5:30-8:30 and the lab is on TTh from 5:30-7:00. UGH. 

Class+planning a wedding+maintaining a relationship with someone who has a funky schedule+working full time=STRESSED OUT SARAH.

I need all the good vibes, positive thoughts & prayers you've got. Please!


  1. Ummmm ... maybe it's just the school I work at, but I was under the impression that nursing is a super competitive field that mainly focuses in math and science. I'm doing advising this summer and just got done with training today and all of the upper division nursing stuff is pretty much math and science. Are you sure you want to be a nurse?

  2. Nursing IS a super competitive field. And a lot of the focus is math & science. But I already have my Bachelor's degree. Which means I don't have to go through your typical 2-year nursing program. I'm going through an accelerated 14-month program and will obtain my BSN.

    Yes, the coursework will require basic math (formulas for administering meds, etc) and sciences (mostly bio/anatomy/physio). I'm great at the life's the Physics & Chem that kill me.

    But. This is what I want to do. And I'm determined to do it. I know I can, I know I'm intelligent enough and am going to get into this program & graduate at the top of my class.


  3. I was just going to say something similar to Julia about the sciences.....I started college thinking I wanted to be a doctor, and after biology and chem, I totally changed to accounting! haha.

    But, after reading your response, Sarah, and your awesome positive thinking (which I love and is totally how I try to live my life too), you CAN do this. Some of it may suck, but you basically are going to have to suck it up and study your ass off for those 14 months, and I have no doubt you WILL graduate at the top of your class. Determination and a positive attitude go so much further than what people think. :).

    Luv ya.

  4. You can do it Sarah! And we both know it will be the MOST satisfying career ever ;)

    I'm not sure when you'll be starting the actual nursing program, but I'll be right there with you gritting my teeth and pulling my hair out. It'll all pay off in the end :)

  5. I was brutal at Chem and Math. Ugh. Good luck! You'll do smashingly and look back and be like, whatev :)


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