Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Shout Out To My Hubby!

I don’t know if you recall, but last year, back in October or so, I had posted in my old blog about the heartbreaking news Matt got regarding Paramedic School & how he had to redo some internship ride alongs on the ambulance, sit through a few lectures, retake the Oral Board, etc etc…but…

Matt got word this afternoon that he has successfully completed and passed Paramedic School!!!!! This is a HUGE relief off of his/our shoulders, much less stress in his/our lives, and it comes with a nice little pay raise ;) So this is just a shout out to my dedicated, hardworking, strong, determined husband who refused to give up and proved that he knew his stuff :)

Congratulations, baby. Now, on to the celebration!


What do you think?

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