Monday, June 29, 2009

Bachelorette Smatchelorette

Ugh. "THE" bachelorette party is coming up in 2 short weekends. And I'm *dreading* it. I don't want to do it. I don't want to be a part of it. I don't want to get all gussied up and head downtown to get hit on by countless douchebags wearing their Ed Hardy blinged out t-shirts, their bedazzled jeans and their super pointy toed Italian leather boots. Oh, not to mention with their tattooed chests and arms peeking out from said lame shirts. And their huge watches. Ugh.

I'm considering cancelling. Is that bad? I mean, I'm all for heading up to Temecula and doing a wine tour or something with my girls, then heading back to the hotel and doing a simple dinner and drinks and calling it a night. None of this wearing a white veil with condoms attached to it, drinking out of penis straws, or carrying around an inflatable penis. I mean, seriously. First, I'm already married, so it's not my "last hurrah" or whatever it's supposed to be. And I'm just not THAT girl.

Matt & his buddies are taking an RV to Palm Springs on Friday morning and golfing Friday afternoon, then I'm sure doing some pre-partying in their hotel room & going out that night, then they'll head home on Saturday after, I'm sure, some decent sleeping in and Mexican food to stave off the hangover. But he's not going to be forced to wear a bowtie with tampons attached to it, or carry around a blow up vagina and drink out of vagina shaped straws. So why do I have to be subjected to the lameness of it all?

Can't I just tag along on Matt's party? It sounds way more fun, anyway.


  1. You sound just like me. I have no desire to be put on display like that when it's my turn and getting trashed parading around at a bar. I would love just a simple night out with the girls, dinner, drinks, etc. One of my clients did a getaway in Cancun for 4 days. Now that is my way to go!'s your party, it's your wedding, and you should have the final say in what goes, so if you want to do a wine tasting, dinner and a hotel night, do it! Anyone that wants to go get crazy at a bar can do that on their own time.

  2. I don't blame you! I *loathe* those kind of Bachelorette parties. Wine tasting sounds so much more fun-- and chic :)

    I am sure you and your friends will have fun, whichever you choose.

  3. ITA with Rebecca and Rach. It's your party, the point is for YOU and your friends to have fun. Note the YOU capitalized.

    I am totally not that girl either. My party was very low key, we went to a comedy club, then went out dancing and just chilled, gossiped, etc. I had an awesome time, with some of my closest friends. No fake penises. I prefer the real thing.....haha.

  4. Good God -- I'm in total agreement with you. I don't think you need to cancel ... but a change of venue might be in order!!!

  5. I can so relate. While we did drink out of penis straws while salsa dancing, that was pretty much the extent of it. During the day we went to a bunch of wineries, stopped at a Target for some quick things, then that night went to dinner at a quieter place and then went salsa dancing. No bar-hopping, no big veil, nothing to really attract unwanted attention. It was great! I think you should chhange your venue too. It's YOUR bachelorette party after all. I'm all for low-key personally.


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