Thursday, June 4, 2009

Ohhhhh Taylor . . .

I responded to the prick last night, against the advice of my hubby. "What good is it going to do you? This man has control of your passing or not passing the class. No teacher wants to be told by their student how to run their class. I just don't think you should respond, and leave it be."

"What good is it going to do me?! Are you serious? This man just completely disrespected me! He doesn't KNOW me! I could be taking his course and his course only, not have a job, and just sit at home and do homework ALL day long. And really? Punished for being on top of my shit? Uh uh...I don't think so! And he? He has NO control over my grade. I earn my grade in this class and if he wants to fuck with me that way, I have full documentation of my work. I'll earn an 'A' in his course and make him eat his words. I don't want to tell him how to run his class, I just want to make him aware that by making ALL of the lessons available, the message he is sending is that students are allowed to work ahead in the course."

So, needless to say, this man had me a bit fired up. And I wasn't yelling at my husband, but this topic definitely had me on fire and I was rearing to give Taylor a piece of my frustrated, angry, bitter mind. Matt just kinda took a step back, holding his hands up in defense, " asked for my opinion and I gave it. That's all...If you want to send him a response, send one. I just don't think it's warranted." And out the door he went with the dogs on a walk. I may or may not have made a snarky comment to him before he got completely out the door along the lines of, "Well, fine then. I'm not asking for your opinion ANY MORE! I don't *need* your help, okay?"

See? Taylor pissed me off. Royally. I don't talk to my husband that way. And, really, I asked for his opinion and he gave it. My fault, not Matt's.

Regardless, I sent the following email to Taylor. I believe this is revision #5 or so, as I had toned it down from my original response:

Mr. *******,
I appreciate your concerns for my working ahead of schedule; however, I can assure you that I am capable of both retaining the knowledge as well as apply the material that I am learning.
I am taking online courses because I like the flexibility. I have a full-time job and I am planning my wedding that will be occurring in less than 2 months. In order for me to get the most out of my classes in terms of learning AND grades, sometimes I need to get ahead when I know that I will be very busy in the weeks to come. Next week
happens to be one such instance when I will have family and friends in town for
wedding related things.
If I had been aware prior to your email below of your dismay at students working one week ahead of schedule, I would not have done so, as it is not my desire to be penalized or singled out for any reason. When I saw that Lesson Two instructions were available I took that to mean that if we had completed Lesson One, we were permitted to begin the next lesson.
If at any time you have concerns or questions regarding the quality of my performance in your course, please let me know so that I may make the necessary corrections, as my education is of the utmost importance to me.
Kind regards,

Then, his response, which I woke to this morning (which, by the way, he happened to copy an "Antoinette" on...she has a school email address...wonder if he's turning me in to the principal and I'm going to get suspended or something?)

Hi Sarah,
I am not dismayed at all.It is not my desire to single out or penalize anyone, only to make sure students are not just picking the roses. Most of my colleagues open only one week at a time for that very reason. I do believe some students can work ahead, but I caution every student I observe working ahead, with the very same email. You will also receive a blanket email with the same concern and an instructor post regarding the same topic that is aimed at the entire class.

I'm not responding to this email. But what I really wanted to say? I really wanted to say, "Hi Taylor, You can stick your stinking roses up your arse. Kindly, Sarah"


  1. His coping someone else on the email is just keeping her in the loop. I do the same thing when I have a disgruntled student so that if they feel the need to take to my boss and complain, my boss knows it's coming. He's not turning you in, he's just covering his ass and warning the person you would complain to if you chose to do so.

    I wouldn't worry about it now. I think you did the right thing (aside from yelling at your husband -- you did apologize right?), and I don't think you need to say anything else to this professor. You're right -- you are in charge of your grade. And if the stuff is "easy" enough and available for you to complete ahead of time, there's really nothing he can do to stop you. That's why I don't make things available if I don't want students to get too far ahead (which is rare, but there are times when it's counterproductive).

    I think this teacher's way of handling things is very condescending. But you've dealt with it, you're not going to get him to change, so do what you gotta do, get the grade you want, and move on.

  2. I would have absolutely replied. And if he didn't want the work done early, he shouldn't open the links. Taylor can stick it!

  3. Interesting. I wonder where his style comes from... I am ONLY familar with UBC, but professors revel in students who want to dive right in. Its what they're passionate about, so when someone else comes along and gives it the same amount of effort, its a compliment. Mind you I've noticed that some distance ed teachers can be awful.... they're either only doing it for the money or to say they're teaching without really having to teach. I fought with one of mine the entire way through, and she was incredibly hard on me (in terms of marking).

    If it makes you feel any better, I went head to head (already) with the director of the nursing program regarding two biology classes I didn't feel that I needed. Not only will it be time and money wasted, I hated admitting defeat. But in the end, this lady has the power to screw up my career, so pissing her off before school even starts wasn't in my best interest. If all else fails, taking the classes again will raise my GPA :)


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