Tuesday, June 30, 2009


  • I emailed The Bestie (who is organizing the bachelorette party) to tell her that I am really not looking forward to it and would like to either change plans completely, or cancel the whole thing. I haven't heard back from her yet...and to be honest? I'm okay with cancelling, if that's what it comes down to. Honestly. Instead, I'll just grab a few bottles of wine with some very good friends and have a relaxing/chill evening at home, consuming mass amounts of wine and engaging in lots of gossipy talk.
  • Now, my dear husband is feeling somewhat guilty about still having his bachelor party. What a sweetie.
  • I got an A on my first Chemistry quiz. Did you read that? I GOT AN A ON MY FIRST CHEMISTRY QUIZ!!!
  • Thus far, I have an "A" in every single one of my 4 summer classes. Damn, I'm good.
  • I haven't updated in awhile about my MIL (who, seriously, for awhile there, I *thought* I was going to have to dub monster in law...). Things are going much, much better on that front. I think part of it is our (me n Matt) approach to her. And I think the other part of it is her just finally getting over things. So, for the past month or so, things have been going well. We're getting along, she and Matt are getting along, Matt and I are getting along. All is well on that front, for now.
  • Went in for my final dress fitting and it is now hanging in the back of the front hall closet...I cannot wait to wear it!! More than that, I cannot wait to see Matt's reaction :)
  • Almost all of the plans for the faux-wedding are finalized...we're just going back and forth on "do we hire a DJ or not" right now. It's an additional $1000. And, well. When your dad originally tells you (without you asking or even mentioning it) that he is going to pay for your wedding, and then 1.5 months before the wedding date, tells you he doesn't have the money to pay for it...you start skimping. And trying to cut corners. But without anyone realizing that you've cut corners. ::sigh:: So, the dilemma remains...DJ or no DJ? It's really more of a question of "spend $1000 we don't have, or dont spend $1000 we don't have?"
  • I got up and went to the gym at 5 this morning. I haven't worked out consistently in almost 2 months, and I'm feeling disgusting. It's not like I really HAVE time in my schedule to work out, but I need to FIND time. So. My alarm went off at 4:45, I popped out of bed, threw on my gym clothes and did 30 minutes on the elliptical, 30 push ups, 50 squats and 30 lunges, and called it a day. And I'm feeling FANTASTIC right now :)
  • And one last thought. I wear a B cup...but that's only because of the shape of my boobs, not because I can truly fill out a B cup; I spill over in an A (on the sides/back). But. Regardless. I despise strapless bras. And I have tiny ta-ta's. I cannot imagine how you large breasted chicks deal with 'em. Or do you?


  1. I thought I was the only one with the taa-ti dilemma. I'm the same cup size as you for the same reason and I hate, hate strapless bras. I have a small torso and they never stay put. Actually, this summer I have realized how freeing it is to just go bare. I have been doing lately and love it.

  2. I dealt with mine by having them sliced off!

    Went from like a DDD, E or an F (my doctor never gave me an exact estimate) down to a 36C. Although now when I lose weight, I'm probably a smaller C then normal, but that's okay by me! I can sit up straight now and don't have indentations in my shoulders anymore from my bra dragging me down.

  3. I'm tiny too! I can wear a pushup Bs but I don't seem to fit into an A - though I'm definitely not a full B. I prefer halter strap bras best - strapless bras I avoid at all costs (which is a shame because there are some really cute strapless tanks and dresses out there)

  4. Rebecca might not have liked hers, but I'm keeping my DDD/F boobs! :) I do have a couple strapless bras, and they work fairly well. Most of the 'support' from a bra comes from the band anyway.

    ...and those five hooks help a lot! :)


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