Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Bad Dreams

I will readily admit that I am your typical "Type A" personality. I am competitive. I have a strong achievement orientation (which feeds into the competitiveness). I walk fast, I talk fast and I'm impatient. I multi-task (I dont' know how to NOT I type this, I am eating yogurt & berries, responding to work email, answering the telephone and carrying on a conversation with a coworker). However, I'm not to the extreme of some Type A's I know. I (typically) do not allow this to cause me much stress, nor it is a point of concern in any of my relationships--I'm not one to rush someone through dinner because "time is of the essence." I know how to relax, but more importantly, I know how to ENJOY relaxing.

Until the last week or so.

One night in Kauai, I woke Matt up because I was having a bad dream. I don't know why I wake him up when I have a bad dream, but I do. Somehow, him wrapping me up in his arms when I'm distraught relieves my fears/anxieties. It was one of our last nights there--Thursday night, I think? And since we have been back home, I've had bad dreams just about every single night. Saturday night--bad dream. Thankfully, Matt was home. Sunday night--no bad dream. Monday night--bad dream. Matt was home and I woke myself up breathing really, really heavily, as if I was being chased. I woke him up and had him hold me until I fell back asleep peacefully. Tuesday night--bad dream. Matt was at work and I actually woke myself up crying & shaking. But before I went to bed last night, I felt all anxious and nervous about sleeping, becuase I was so worried I was going to have another one of these horrible dreams.

I don't know what is going on, but whatever it is, I don't like it. Not one bit. The weird part is that when I wake up in the middle of these dreams, I remember every single detail. When I wake up in the morning, I don't remember a single detail. I used to keep a dream journal, in high school. It was just a notebook next to my bed and I'd jot down everything I remembered from my dream as I woke up from it. Maybe I need to start keeping one again...but really, I'd rather just stop having these bad dreams...and not feel anxious about going to bed.


  1. Aww.that sucks. I have bouts of bad dreams. In fact, I just had one the other night which terrified me. I don't have any words of advice...just hope they go away soon :(

    I hate to bring this up...but could you be preggo? Vivid dreams are a sign of pregnancy.....

  2. I've never heard anything about vivid dreams and pregnancy. And I've had plenty of vivid dreams even though I've never been pregnant ...

    But getting married, being in love, and having a honeymoon are all pre-cursers to pregnancy too ... unless, of course, you're on birth control. In that case, I'd say, it's probably stress from all the usual Sarah things: taking on too much at once, working full time, going to school full time, getting married (twice), and being on vacation relaxing ('cause let's face it, relaxing isn't your normal state), etc. Once things settle down, I'm sure the dreams will taper off. Until then, I prescribe some hugs and cuddles and chamomile tea! You'll be fine.

  3. I'm with Julia. I get very vivid, sometimes very unsettling dreams and it's usually due to anxiety, stress or panic attacks. Dreams are a way that your subconscious works out issues going on in your mind... I would try to rule out stressors that may be triggering the dreams that are within your control.

  4. I could have written this exact post this week. I've had 1 night out of 4 so far with no bad dreams.

  5. What about any new meds you have been taking? My sisters have both experienced night terrors because of a certain medication and after talking to the doc, they found out that that med indeed did cause them!!

    Also...the prego thing might be true annnnddddd.....I know this is more extreme, but sometimes spiritual warfare rears its ugly head in my dreams....especially when all is well!! Send up a few to the Big Man!! :0) I will be thinking of you sweets!


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