Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Goals for My 27th Year

Every year, on my birthday (hmm...okay, I guess just for the past 2 years, since those are the only birthdays I've known him for...), Mr. Lukie asks me what my goals are for my next year of life. I think I finally have them down, but it's possible that this list may be modified in the coming days/weeks.

  1. Be more conscious about my diet.
  2. Get back to the gym, consistently.
  3. Get accepted into a (any) accelerated BSN program to pursue my degree in Nursing.
  4. Pay off 25% of my personal debt.
  5. Purchase my (our) first home.
  6. Train for and complete a 10K.
  7. Attend my 10-year High School Reunion...with hubby :)
  8. Find a better way to manage my endometriosis...that also prevents pregnancy.
  9. Minimize my life--get rid of anything that is not sentimental in value, or is not necessary (ie: has not been utilized in the past year).
  10. R E L A X

1 comment:

  1. Love the list. I really agree with relax, I need to do that more.

    I have that rule with "one year" as well.


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