Thursday, September 24, 2009


I Am – 27, independent, unhappily employed full-time, a student, and married to the most amazing man in the world.
I Want- to succeed and accomplish my dreams.
I Have - a beautifully blessed life.
I Wish- I had met my husband so much earlier in life...but I know I wasn't prepared for him yet.
I Hate- that I go to work every day and don't feel as though I've helped a single soul.
I Fear- failing, then having to start over & figure out what I want to do with my life.
I Hear- the whir of the computer, and my boss on a conference call.
I Search- for patience, humility and guidance.
I Wonder- when it became 'okay' and commonplace for women to sleep with men in committed relationships and feel that they're doing nothing wrong because they're single.
I Regret- few things in life; each have led me to the amazingness I experience every day.
I Love- from a distance, at first. And then, with an all-consuming fervor.
I Ache- when I eat food with gluten in it.
I Always- am the one my friends come to during hard times.
I Usually- miss my husband, every single minute we're not together. Truly.
I Am Not– one to settle.
I Dance- with my girlfriends, but am embarrassed to do so in front of Mr. Lukie.
I Sing - on my commute from work to home, and wonder what the people next to me on the freeway think.
I Never- started my Masters program in School Psychology, after getting accepted into it.
I Rarely- am envious or jealous of anyone. I know the grass is never greener on the other side.
I Cry- when I'm angry, hurt, mad, frustrated. But mostly, when I'm hurting emotionally.
I Am Not Always- as strong as I appear to be.
I Lose- sight of the baby steps because all I can see is the big picture. Stop. Breathe. Enjoy.
I’m Confused- rarely. I'm blessed with honest, to-the-point people in my life.
I Need- to buckle down and give Anatomy my all next semester. No more slacking.
I Should- start looking for another job. Preferably, one in healthcare.
I Dream- of oh-so-many things! Mostly, things of the future.
I hope- Mr. Lukie is able to figure out a way to keep a relationship with his mother, without it having a negative impact on him, on me, or on us.
I feel- like it should be Friday already!
I appreciate- the power of prayer.

What lessons have you learned this year?
-Marriage is hard. But it's the most rewarding relationship I've ever known.
-You can make a family out of two people, and two people only.
-I will not always be the best at everything I do.
-To "let go and let God."
-To never, ever, EVER lose myself again. If you keep yourself grounded with those who know you best, and have your best interests in mind and at heart, you will never lose yourself again.


  1. lurker coming out of hiding. Saw your comment on Marital Bless and decided to check out your blog. I love this post and look forward to reading more.

  2. Love this one! So much that I had to copy it into my own blog :)


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