Friday, September 11, 2009



For a minute, I lost my blog completely. Then, I got it back, with this random layout.

Now? Now I can't find the tab/page that gives me the option to add widgets, etc to my blog. WTH?


  1. I've done something like this when messing with the HTML codes numerous times, and every time it frustrates me trying to fix it.

    I could be totally wrong about this as the particular fix to the problem on your blog and there could be a much easier solution, but this is what has worked for me... (someone please enlighten me if there is an easier way!)

    If you go to Edit HTML and click the revert to Classic Mode. It will remove all of the codes and reset your page. You might want to back up the layout code to add back in later on the layout screen.

    Then go back in to Template and click Customize Design-- Upgrade your template and choose the basic Minima-- it will bring back the layout screen. Then you can go back into the layout and add back in the HTML code for the background you want.

    Hope this helps!

  2. You're a genius & a lifesaver, Rachael! Thank you :)

  3. So, my husband is now officially jealous of your husband and the present that you gave him! Genious gift!!!


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