Tuesday, September 8, 2009


  • Our photographer emailed us while we were on the honeymoon with the link to view our photos (only 75 of the 400 she sent to us on DVD) and I just realized I never posted the link here! Click HERE and then click "Proofing Galleries." Password is Lucas.
  • The sitch with the MIL? Remember how it was bad for awhile, after we got married at the courthouse, and then it got good? Well. She and I had a huge...I mean HUGE...blow out the day before the faux-wedding. It was ugly. So huge and so ugly that neither Mr. Lukie nor I have spoken to her since then. Since July 31st (except, of course, for the formalities that made it a must during/at the faux-wedding). I can't tell you how much less stressful life is, not having to juggle her emotions and feelings anymore. But I do feel terribly sad for Mr. Lukie, that this is the reality of a "relationship" with his mother.
  • I was toying with the idea of running a Half Marathon at the end of January. And soon, that toy broke and crumbled all around me. Sure, I've got time (in the sense of length of time between now and the end of January) to train. But I certainly don't have time to train. I must focus on school right now--getting straight A's in order to get accepted in the nursing program is my top priority. So. I signed up for a 5K to run on Thanksgiving Day (at least I can eat all the pumpkin pie I want now!) Looking forward to that.
  • I got an email today from Amazon.com, thanking me for my most recent book purchase on my Kindle 2. However, I was at work when I got this email, and the Kindle was left at home, as I have an Anatomy exam tonight that I *had* to study for on my lunchbreak...and I knew if the Kindle was in my bag, I would Kindle instead. That thing is either so amazingly awesome that it purchases books all on its own while I'm at work...or there is a Mr. Lukie playing with it while I'm at work...
  • While procrastinating about studying for aforementioned Anatomy exam yesterday, I decided to clean out my closet (2 trash bags full of "give aways"), as well as my shoe closet (yes, I have 2 separate closets--one for clothes, one for shoes). I believe I threw away approximately 12 pairs of shoes. They were mostly old & raggedy and really needed to see the bottom of the dumpster, although I will admit that I found a pair of shoes that looked a little something like this that have been worn only one time, to go with a costume of sorts. And, uh, those were the first to go in the bottom of the big black trash can. Talk about embarrassing! To think that I ever thought it was acceptable to wear those . . .


  1. sorry matt's mom is being so lame.....Hugs.

    Oh, and those shoes are hiLARious!

    Oddly enough I recently cleaned my closet and came away with two garbage bags full of stuff, including both shoes and clothes, howEVER, no shoes as kewl as yours!

  2. You should have saved those shoes and given them to the stripper that goes to your school!!

    Sorry about how Matt's mom is being.

    Amazing photos! Your kids are going to be the cutest things ever!

  3. WOW, your photos are gorgeous!! Stunning!


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