Monday, September 14, 2009

More Dreams

Thankfully, whatever inner demon(s) I was wrestling with a few weeks back that was causing me to have terrifying dreams, which then lead to my anxiety about falling asleep, (thus leading to insomnia) have been quieted. However, that's not to say that I haven't been having some of THE oddest dreams lately. It seems they've been really weird since I cut the gluten out of my diet...and I have heard that changes in your diet can elicit interesting dreams at times.

Last nights dream was that Mr. Lukie and I were in high school. (This is odd because Mr. Lukie and I are just over 9 years apart from one another...even if we lived in the same town we wouldn't have been in school together at any point). I think we were married, but I'm not sure. And it took place at my actual high school. I got pregnant and had the baby. It was the cutest little boy...and he was black. NO ONE said a word to me about the baby being black and Mr. Lukie and I both being white. No one thought it was odd, except me. But since no one else was saying anything, I didn't dare open my mouth. I hadn't cheated on Mr. Lukie, but was scared he would think so.

Anyway, all this baby wanted to do was nurse. So pretty much my entire dream consisted of me toting this kid around on my hip and walking around with it attached to my boob.

How freaking weird is that?!

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  1. hahaha! and I thought my dreams were strange & vivid!

    Pretty good memory, BTW. Did you write it down as soon as you woke?


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