Monday, September 7, 2009

My 27th Year of Life

I just celebrated my 27th birthday yesterday. Mr. Lukie got off duty, came home and spoiled the crap out of me. First, it was present time--he is one of the most joyful givers I've ever known, by the way, which is such a rare, yet admirable trait to have. I had 1 large bag and 2 boxes to open, as well as 2 cards. The first gift to open was the bag and was, of course, from the 'kids.' They got me an adorable hat that I've been eyeing, a super cute top, and a large pillbox for my 8 vitamin-y pills per day (yes, really). They did a great job, and I'm not sure how they knew I'd tried that hat on a few times...must have had some help from their Dad?

Then came the largest box, from Mr. Lukie himself. First, he asked if I knew what it was. Of course, I had no clue because, unlike me, Mr. Lukie doesn't hint from the moment he purchases the gift until just before the gift is opened. One thing I do know, is that Mr. Lukie does NOT disappoint when it comes to the gift giving. This is one man who remembers every little thing you say you like or want, even if it was last year.

I open my box and...voila! I am the proud new owner of a beautiful, Mac-esque Kindle 2!! I've been wanting a Kindle since Oprah gloated about hers. (And no, I don't watch Oprah, but had heard about her loving hers through the grapevine). And the second box? (I told you, this man does not disappoint in the gift-giving department). The second box was a fabulous leather cover for my Kindle, to keep it nice and shiny and new for always!

After gifts, we snuggled on the couch for a bit with the kiddos, then threw on clothes, put the dogs in the back of the truck and went and met our friends Kathryn & Andy for breakfast at our favorite little spot in OB, Tower Two. We love Kat & Andy, we decided, because they're so real and raw and transparent. They're just honest and up front about things, they don't feel the need to put on a show, or to be anything (or anyone!) that they're not. It's so nice to have (and hold) those friendships.

Breakfast took us much later into the morning than anticipated, but we came home & got ready to head to the horse races at Del Mar. Once there, we randomly ran into a group of Matt's friends (from way back when he was in high school) who had come down from Orange County for the day. We spent the rest of the day consuming yummy adult beverages, betting on ponies (is it still considered betting when you only bet on 4 races and spent a total of mayyyyybe $20?) and enjoying the company of one another, friends, and the thousands of other strangers who were out.

Came home, and Matt's best friend, Andrew, drove down here from OC and we rode the beach cruisers to a bar down the street, grabbed a burger and a pitcher and just chilled. I think the highlight of the evening was when, on our way home, we passed by a car full of people and the smell of weed was overpowering. The boys, thinking they're oh-so-clever, decide to pull up to the car and whip out their fire badges (which, unless you look very closely at them, look identical to police badges). The kids just about lost it and one kid in the back had tears in his eyes. Hilarious! But maybe it'll teach them to be more discreet about their illicit drug use, instead of in a car, on a brightly lit, very busy street...

My list of goals I'd like to accomplish during my 27th year shall be posted later - as I'd like to share them with Mr. Lukie before I share them with you all. No hard feelings! Don't be hurt! It's just...well...this is our "thing," this goal thing on our birthday, and I'd hate for him to be anything but the first to know :)


  1. Sounds like the perfect way to spend your birthday! Lots of love and close friends. And great gifts!


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