Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Searching For A New 'Do

I need a new 'do. I'm so over the same ol' same ol' I've had for years. I mean, sure, after I broke off my engagement 2 years ago, I chopped my hair and did the super cute, super daring A-line bob (a la Gwenyth). But since then, it's grown out (with long layers and almost grown out bangs), and I'm bored with it!

I need something new. Something fun and sophisticated, sexy and sultry. Mr. Lukie doesn't have much of an opinion, except for, like most guys..."Long! I like it long!"

Here is a pic of me, as my hair is now.
See? Toldja...SO boring! Any suggestions? Feel free to leave links to photos of hairstyles you like ;) I'm so bad at this kind of stuff (hence the same hairstyle for so long, I suppose...)


  1. Love the pic, your expression is cute. My cousin told me about this site, www.4hairstyles.com and I guess you can upload a photo and play around with different hairstyles.

  2. aww I think your hair is cute! but I can understand needing something different I usually just google a celebrity who's style I admire and that will give lots of pics. When I see your pic my immediate thought is that you remind me of Catherine Zeta Jones.

  3. I was the exact same way...hence the major haircut.

    I'd suggest something chin length with long layers. You have a nice face for that :) Have you ever considered bangs? That always spices things up a bit!

  4. I know the frustration! I was pretty bored when I initially chopped mine last fall.

    What does Mr. Lukie think? Does he like short hair?


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