Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Update on Last Post

I appreciate the advice given by all...truly. Thank you.

I called Mr. Lukie yesterday and told him that the timing of the mountain biking trip wasn't the best. That during the first 14 days of October, we would see each other just a few times. That I'm not a huge fan of seeing one another only twice over a two week period. BUT. That he works hard to provide for us, taking overtime shifts every time they're available, that he does so much for me and for us around the house, and that he never goes on "guy trips" or has much time to himself to unwind, relax and have a good time. And that I may not be excited about not seeing him for two weeks, but that I think he deserves to go and have fun with the guys, and I support him in doing so, 100%.

His response? Priceless. He was all sorts of emotional and so, so happy that is the way our conversation went. I can pretty much guarantee you that he had already predicted and assumed I was going to say no right off the bat, no discussion about it. I think he was simply shocked when the conversation went in the complete opposite direction.

I then got a text from him later on. "You continue to surprise and amaze me!" And me? I was all sorts of emotional :)


  1. aww! That is such heartfelt response!

  2. That made me tear up! You guys have such an awesome relationship!


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