Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Academy: OCFA

There is a new reality show on the Fox Reality Channel, premiering this Saturday, October 24th. But! I found the episode on Hulu.com and am trying to resist watching it, since Mr. Lukie and I have a date scheduled to watch it together...

Two of our friends are on the show--about Orange County Fire Authority Academy 36 fire recruits. Chris Tieman and Jake Wildberger are our friends...Mr. Lukie and Chris have worked together at the Fire Department for the past 5 years (Chris is who we just got back from San Felipe with!) and Mr. Lukie & Jake went to Paramedic School together last year. Both really great, stand up guys and good friends.

Anyway, thought I'd pass this link along because it's always kinda cool to see people you know & care about on TV...and also to show people that getting into the fire service is tough work. These guys do a thankless job & bust their butts every single day to protect the public.

Click HERE to watch our friends!

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