Thursday, October 22, 2009

Felicitous Friday!

my husband LOVES the meatloaf I made on Wednesday night.
(it's already gone!)

it's Friday!

Carolina Liar/One Republic/Rob Thomas concert tonight.
(Who is Carolina Liar?)

selling my car tomorrow.

and getting a prius, instead!
(fingers crossed)

double date tomorrow night.
(bonfire on the beach with a ff & his wife)

premiere of The Academy tomorrow night.
(can't wait to see our friends on tv!)

paying off Mr. Lukie's student loan!

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  1. we are so on the same page, I have a post in my drafts about how I said last year that I'd never ever own a Prius (I have mixed feelings about the "hybrid tech" being sustainable and EVERYONE in Seattle has them). Anyway, over the last year with a gas guzzler and talking to 3 neighbors that have them and *love* them, I've been considering it! They are the size of a Camry inside!

    Good luck!


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