Thursday, October 1, 2009

I've Got The Fever

No no...this uterus is empty and it plans on staying empty for at least another few years. But...I've got Baby Fever.


  1. hehe, I went through that once or twice. Luckily it passed. However, I do not mean luckily in a negative way. Its just that we enjoy our time and our dogs so much, I am not ready to give it up!! :)

  2. A few years?!? But they (babies) are soooo fun. Just do it! :)

  3. I get that once in awhile... and then I remember how much I want to travel abroad and finish my plans. So I totally understand, minus having an amazing husband I'd want to procreate with... yet!

  4. PS--do you know what cured my sister of her horrible endometriosis? Babies. Having babies that is....just a thought ;) Plus you will have adorable babies. Can you tell if I want you to join the mommy club? Really--take at least a year to enjoy the bliss of being newly married....then.... babies. The best thing you will ever accomplish :)

  5. Weird. I just had a dream two nights ago that Lori congratulated you on facebook for being pregnant! hhhmmmm ;)

    Do what's best for you and your hubby. For's getting pregnant soon and for other's waiting a bit works.

    Buuut it would be kind of cool if you got pregnant soon. Something seems to be in the water these days ;-)

  6. Here are my thoughts. I think you know, or can see, how much Saige rocks my world. The best thing about my life is that little girl. She is my true love. Being a parent is the most rewarding and hard thing in the whole world. A child changes every aspect of your life. If you're ready for a complete life change, do it. If your not just yet, wait a while.

  7. tell me about it! I've been having severe baby fever the last few days...

    please remind me to be selective if i meet (any) guy who wants to have children in the near future!


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