Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Top 25 Moments of San Felipe

A few of the girls from the trip put this together...and I've got to put it here to document, else I'll forget all of the hilarious moments:

1. follow the leader at 90mph
2. stinky Calexico
3. yellow brick road reflectors
4. rollercoaster road ride
5. white out dust clouds
6. DJ Beat Treats
7. coyotes & the search for Bear
8. Lionel Richie
9. "I want a surprise for my mouth" -Sarah
10. super sauce
11. treasure hunt - longitude 158 latitude 58 at 11 o'clock
12. new moon bay & bahia maria mango beverages
13. floating diapers with concoctions
14. conzuela bowls & mustache straws
15. noise makers
16. santa claus in a onsie
17. four wheeling with Rage
18. another one bites the dust...Beth
19. thong song twice
20. walking on water
21. Osi trying to pepper
22. Beth's bartering
23. no showering
24. sleeping under the stars
25. sand storm drive home (on-road off-roading)

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