Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wedded Wednesday - Wearing Your Rings

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Seeing a man wearing a wedding ring is sexy. It's not sexy in the, "Oooh-baby-I-want-you-because-you're-married" way that I know it can mean to a lot of women. It's sexy in the "Oooh-how-rad-that-he-wants-the-world-to-know-he-is-committed-to-someone" way.

Wearing a wedding ring is such a simple, easy act. A way to say, "Hey...I'm married and I'm proud of it!" A way to let others know that you are off the market, so to speak, thus have eyes for your spouse and your spouse only.

I see many couples in which the woman wears her ring(s), and the man never wears his. Why? Sure, I understand that some men cannot wear their rings at work. Or have gained a few pounds since the nuptuals and can no longer fit into their ring. Some men just don't like jewelry.

My husband does not wear his ring while he is at work--when he gets to the fire station and takes his stuff up to his room, he removes his ring and places it in his locker. That is where it stays for the duration of his 24-hour shift. Then, as he gathers his stuff to head home after work, he slips his ring back on, where it stays until he returns to work once again.

Rings can be purchased for the cost of a meal out, so if gaining weight is the issue, go out and purchase a larger ring, one that fits. Just a simple band. And as for not liking jewelry, or the way the band feels on your hand? Give it a few days. You'll get used to it, and won't even notice it's there. Promise.

Wedding rings don't have to be fancy, or expensive, or big and sparkly. It's the symbol of the ring that is important, not what it looks like or how much it cost. And as a wife, I know that when I look down and see that band on my husbands finger, symbolizing to the world that he is a married man, it makes me feel all that much more attracted to him--and makes me proud to know that he chooses to let that symbol send a message.


  1. aww I love it. you and your man are so cute!

  2. Too bad this isn't facebook, I want to "like" this!

  3. My husband isn't a big jewelry guy but he was super stoked to get to pick out a ring and wear it for the rest of his life. I know a lot of guys that have gotten tatoos on their ring fingers in place of their wedding band as they couldn't wear the wedding band while working for one reason or another. My father hasn't worn one for as long as I can remember because he almost lost a finger wearing his and his work is not a 9-5 type thing and is just ongoing plus his knuckles have become permanently swollen due to the work. He definitely would have lost it taking it off and putting it back on a million times a day and frankly, he would have just forgotten to take it off before working and lost his finger years ago if he had continued to wear it so instead my mom keeps it in her jewelry box.

  4. I used to feel that way. But then I realized that I don't like wearing rings. And I would have to take it off and on every time I went climbing and when you're camping, it's hard to find a place to put things so they won't get lost. I would always be paranoid that I would lose it. So I haven't decided yet, but I'm thinking when I get married, I may not wear a ring. If that's what I decide, we'll find something else to symbolize our commitment -- I don't see the point of exchanging rings if we're not going to wear them.

  5. My husband doesn't always wear his working, but he always puts it on as soon as he gets home. I love it when he makes a big deal about NOT getting to wear it. If I am home, he always makes me put it on him, just like we did on our wedding day. I think it's cute.

  6. When I get married I will have to take my ring off all the time at work (because no one wants a big ole stone digging into their leg ;) but that is one thing I can't wait to do, have a ring to wear (you know, as soon as I have someone to give me one!)

    One of my clients though? He has a tattoo around his ring finger to symbolize the ring.

  7. If I forget my wedding rings at home, I feel naked! I love that Steph wears his wedding rings every time we go out of the house :) (We're both like that, we take our jewelry off as soon as we get home hehe)

  8. Married men (and women) who do not wear their wedding rings is a peeve of mine for so many reasons. --Minus removing it briefly for work, working out etc)
    Maybe it stems to my cheating father and it conjures negative memories of him "losing" his all the time. I just truly respect and appreciate all that it symbolizes. Great post.


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