Friday, November 20, 2009

Felicitious Friday!

* Today is Pay Day!

* Mr. Lukie is on a 6-day...meaning he doesn't go back to work until Wednesday. Yay! (Except he works a 72-hour shift when he goes back, Wed-Fri).

* Escrow WILL be closing the Wednesday before Thanksgiving on Grandma's house. We may be purchasing our first home months before we thought we would!

* We signed up for the 5K Mud Run on Sunday...can't wait, looks like so much fun!

* I feel so blessed that my husband has a job that he loveloveloves and that he looks forward to going to work. (ahem. As opposed to someone I know.)

* Oh. And, um. Did I mention that I just ordered this B E A U T Y

And that I got a screamin' deal on her because I might have a hook-up at Canon who might have maybe let me take a peek at the Canon Company Store and...Voila! This beautiful Baby Girl was on super-sale? (And for those of you keeping tabs on our "Total Money Makeover" sitch and paying off debt & stuff...I sold my plasma TV last month & I used the proceeds from that to purchase Baby Girl. So she is NOT intruding on the budget, nor putting us into debt--though I DO feel a teeny bit guilty about not putting this money toward debt...)


  1. woohoo on the camera!!! So psyched for you. It's the upgraded version of my camera, so I know you will love it! yay!

  2. Ahhh, so jealous of your camera! I have been trying to talk Brandon into letting me get one. Awesome!

  3. OMG..I love love love my Canon! Next up is some fun lenses!!! I adore the 50mm 1.8! :)

  4. Oh, I am so jealous :) I want a new Baby Girl!

    Hey, I am revising my guess on the tennis shoes above...he is not waterproofing them, he is mudproofing them!

  5. Nice camera and I hope your 5 k goes well, that is great!


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