Friday, November 6, 2009

Felicitous Friday

**A Friday night with the favorite evening to spend with him!

**My wedding ring should arrive today from being re-sized (down 2 sizes!) and I cannot WAIT to put it back on!

**Hair cut on Saturday morning, then meeting a girlfriend for a very overdue lunch date. Decision on hair has yet to be made...figures.

**After finalizing our budget for November, we saw that we are now saving just over $700 per month between renting out our spare room to a friend, trading in the Lexus for the Camry (both on monthly payments AND insurance). WOOHOO!

**After bringing my lunch to work every day, eating healthy dinners & working out consistently this week, I can see my abs coming back to life...finally!

**Ordered THE dress I'm wearing to the Emerald Society Firefighters Christmas Ball and it should be here in the next week or so. Mr. Lukie will be wearing his Class A's (Mmm mmm mmm!)


  1. WTG on saving all that money!! Proud of you girl!

    And love the and Matthew are going to look amazing!

  2. Love that dress! it's gorgeous :)

  3. That dress is AWESOME!! All these cute clothes are making slightly jealous since I'll be big and round this holiday season!

  4. oooh, a firefighter's christmas ball. That is awesome. Is this through his department?

    I can't wait to click over to the dress link...don't know how I missed it the first time.

    This is a terrific post :)

    Thanks for the prayers...I cherish them.



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