Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NaBloPoMo - Day 18

  • Mr. Lukie wasn't originally scheduled to work Thanksgiving this year...but he agreed to a time trade with another guy to help him out, so we find ourselves spending another holiday there :) I really don't mind it--this just means I get to put off attempting to make a Thanksgiving meal for yet another year...hehe. I have, however, been informed that "Mrs. Lukie's Homemade Pumpkin Pie" has been requested as our "what-to-bring" food item. I have also been informed that there will (as of last count), be 42 people attending Thanksgiving at the Fire Station. ::begin mild freak out here::
  • Only 22 more days until we leave for Minnesota to visit my family...who we haven't seen since the faux-wedding at the end of July/beginning of August. I am dyyyyyyying to see my baby sister. Though, at 4 1/2, I'm not sure how much longer I can call her a "baby." And do you think she's excited about seeing her Sissy? Meh. Sorta. The person she's really excited about seeing? Lukie. Her "...boyfriend Lukie, he's a fireman and he lives in Cali-porna and is married to my Sissy." That's how she explains who he is to people. And she won't let us sit next to each other or hold hands or kiss or anything. She has to sit RIGHT in between us, at all times.
  • My big, exciting surprise to share with you all? Well, after much thought & prayer, we have decided that we aren't, after all, pursuing this opportunity. Surprisingly, I'm not sad. I'm bummed that it won't work out, because it was a GREAT opportunity. But the timing is off and so we'll keep praying and looking for other things. So I'll share with you now what it was:
    • I have 3 classes left to finish my pre-requisites for Nursing School.
    • I am currently working 40-hours a week at a job that I...well, let's just say that a robot could do my job & it leaves MUCH to be desired. And I have a 30-40 minute commute to work.
    • The last 3 classes are the hardest (of course...not a true procrastinator if you don't save the most difficult stuff for last, right?!) and I can only handle taking 1 at a time while working full time with a yucky commute.
    • We have discussed me either quitting my job & going to school full-time, or finding a part-time job that I love (regardless of pay...because truly, I have a hard time not contributing financially to the home while childless) and going to school full-time. We decided to pray about it and keep our eyes open for opportunities. Just a few months later...
    • I was offered a part-time nanny position in a Christian home, Monday-Friday, 7:30AM-11:30AM for a 19 1/2 month old little girl. I would be given a credit card and a vehicle to drive once I arrived at work each morning. Baby Girl and I would go to tumbling, story time at the library, the park, playdates, whatever had been arranged for the day. I would be responsible for feeding her breakfast, snack and lunch, keeping her room clean & playing with her.
    • Unfortunately, this won't work for us :( We will be ready to purchase a home in 6-9 months and in order to be approved for a mortgage, we both need to have a steady, reportable income. This would be steady, but not reportable, if you know what I mean. I had originally been told that the pay was through a payroll service with taxes deducted, etc, but the email I received said that I was responsible for claiming this income. Bummer.


  1. bummer! That is exactly what I was doing earlier this year after I got laid off. Only I was under the table. Would have worked out perfectly with me in school, had there not been such a gray area with the situation with the scheduling.

    I am sure you will find something perfect for you soon enough.

  2. That's too bad.

    I spent a lot of time here and there working as a nanny. And most of the time it wasn't reportable. But I did work for one family that where it was. They owned their own company and essentially put me on the payroll of their company. They actually even paid me through pay-pal and the money was directly deposited from there to my bank account. Pretty sweet deal. Except it was also the only nanny job where I had $$ deducted for taxes which kinda sucked.

    Maybe you could try looking for people who owned their own company to nanny for or to be a personal assistant for. Those are often part times jobs and if they own their own company it's really easy to just add you to their pay roll.

  3. I LOVE that your little sister calls your husband her boyfriend! So cute! Have fun with your family in a few weeks :)

    ...that's too bad about the possible job opportunity that would allow you to finish up your classes. Everything happens for a reason though, and I'm sure something else will come your way. I will be excited to see what other types of opportunities God provides for you!

  4. That must mean that something even better is about to come along, right? Right! Everything will work out the way it is supposed to...and being able to purchase your first home with the hubby will be amazing and worth passing up that opportunity.

  5. Your sister sounds so cute!

    I think that owning your own home will be well worth the sacrifice of passing up this sweet deal... but maybe something better will come along!

  6. aww I'm hapyp for you that you get to spend some time with your family. In regards to calling her your baby sister for not much longer I'll say I'm 24 and I'm still my sister's "baby sister"

  7. aww what a bittersweet happening! I know what you mean about the whole robot-job thing, I feel the SAME way. I would love a job that allows me to play with kids all the least until I'm able to play with my own kids all the time. :)

    But you're getting a house! Very exciting. :)

  8. I keep meaning to repsond back to your email....but a house, that's an awesome venture. So while working part time may not have worked out you have so much other things to look forward to.

    Thanksgiving at the Fire Station sounds like fun! Take pics, and post them :)

  9. Couldn't you just keep you paycheck stubs and have an accountant work out the taxes - and wouldn't that still count as income when you apply for a house? I temped for a while and I had to withhold my own taxes, but we just took everything to our accountant and she figured it out - I don't know how it relates to applying for the mortgage though. Hmm. Bummer - it sounds like it would have been a cool job.


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