Monday, November 2, 2009

NaBloPoMo - Day 2

I'm having an affair. I know, I know. But please don't judge me. You probably won't understand. I finally told Mr. Lukie about it last night. He took it well.

You see, Mr. Lukie spends a lot of time at the fire station with 24-hour shifts and all. And I get lonely at home sometimes, mostly on the weekends. Yesterday was one of those lonely days. He had worked a 48 (8AM Saturday until 8AM Monday) and I just hadn't gotten the attention I was needing from him this weekend.

So. I sought it out elsewhere. And I spent hours yesterday afternoon, basking in the glory that my little fling could offer me.

My Fling

The results of my fling

Remnants of my fling

And I got a phone call this morning from Mr. Lukie, raving over one of the products of my fling (homemade pumpkin pie). Said it's even better than Attempt #1.

I believe that the 4 mini loafs of banana bread, 3 dozen chocolate chip cookies & 2 pumpkin pies more than made up for my indiscretion. And I believe Mr. Lukie agrees.

**So the part I'm not telling you is that, really, I was a big meanie on Saturday & was NOT very nice to my husband. Along with a few other niceties left behind for him to find when he got home this morning were these yummy treats. It's merely step 1 of mannnnny steps to apologizing for my meanieness this weekend.


  1. ha ha ha I too love my kitchen aid it's the same color as yours too!!
    Funny story one day when I first got it I was making some bread and I said "I love you" I was talking to the machine though but my husband shouted back "love you too hon" I didn't have the heart to tell him I was totally talking to mix kitchen aid.

  2. LOL, too cute! I can't let Adam read this, I don't bake, he'd be jealous!

  3. Brandon would LOVE to come home to all of those goodies!

  4. My Kitchenaid mixer and I are quite in love too! I think she might have been my fav wedding gift. Your goodies look delish!


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