Monday, November 23, 2009

NaBloPoMo - Day 23 (And 101 in 1001 - #99: Run & Complete a 5K) was correct in her guess as to why my hubby was duct taping his shoes in my post from yesterday.

He was taping them on so they wouldn't fall off in the Mud Run!!

We had a blast...running through mud up to our ankles, then knees, then thighs, then waist...then chest high! Crawling through tunnels, jumping over hurdles & bales of straw. Running up hill & then down. Exhausting (and, I've got to be honest, my hips & knees are sore today...does that mean I'm getting old?)

The Mud pictures:

Mr. Lukie have his bib/number? Check!

Mrs. Lukie have her bib/number? Check!

Mr. & Mrs. Lukie, pre-Mud Run.

Mr. & Mrs. Lukie, post-Mud Run.

Mrs. Lukie (with mud in ears, nose, eyes, name it!)

Mr. Lukie...just being the Stud that he is, on websites and such ;)


  1. that last pic of you reminds me of those gum commercials. mud everywhere--but clean smile! :)

  2. That picture of your back/bib! You know I'm not gay and I hope this doesn't offend you but : Holy Crap nice butt Mrs. Lukie!!!

    Congrats on the run!

    Have you ever watched 'Workout' ? (Jackie Warner and her Sky Sports Gym?) The trainer guys went to do the mud run once, I wonder if it's the same one!

  3. That looks like so much fun. I would totally die though- I am not nearly as fit as you!

  4. Way to go! Looks like you had a good time too. I would have loved to do it if I knew about it sooner but I just heard about it from you the other day lol.

  5. Fun! Gotta love an excuse to be totally dirty! Love the two are so cute together :)

  6. Wow, that looks like a blast! Way to get down and dirty. Ha ha.

  7. Yeah me!

    But more importantly...Yeah YOU!

    That had to be so HARD.

    You two look like you had fun.

    Happy Thanksgiving :)


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