Tuesday, November 24, 2009

NaBloPoMo - Day 24

My Family

So someone (I'm embarrassed that I've forgotten who now...) asked me about my family, when I first began this evil NaBloPoMo trek. Ready to meet La Familia?

She Get It From Her Mama
  • Mama is 48-years young.
  • We look NOTHING alike.
  • Stay-at-home-mom.
  • Lives in Minnesota, about an hour and 20 minutes northwest of Minneapolis.
  • She lives there with her husband & my baby sister.
  • She moved to MN about 7 years ago.
  • She LOVES it there--especially that they get '4 seasons,' unlike California.
  • At the time she moved, she was technically single, and just dating her now-husband. Who she didn't invite to move to MN with her ;)
  • 6-months later, he moved to MN to be with her...and proposed.
  • Mama & Her Hubby have been married for 6 years this coming April. 
  • They had my beautiful Baby Sister 5 years ago, this coming April.
He's Married To Her Mama
  • Mama's Hubby is 36-years young.
  • And yes, you read that correctly. Mama's Hubby and Mr. Lukie are just 4 months apart in age ;)
  • He was a General Manager of a large chain of retail stores across the Nation, but was recently laid off & is currently looking for a job.
  • Mama & Mama's Hubby met at the store he used to work at. She was moving & needed to go buy some household items...he was working & wouldn't stop asking her out. She finally went out with him to make him leave her alone and...well...they got married a year and a half later!
Sister, Sister

  • Baby Sister is 4.5 years young.
  • She is the perfect combination of Mama & Mama's Hubby--she looks equally like both of them.
  • I was 21 when Mama told me she was pregnant with Baby Sister. I was NOT happy. I thought she was being irresponsible & didn't think she needed to have another child. After all, she had 2 grown children of her own (Brother Man was 19 at the time). What was she thinking, going and having a baby, for crying out loud?!
  • When Mama was about 7 months along with Baby Sister, I finally accepted it. And flew out to Minnesota & spent my Spring Break painting, decorating & putting together Baby Sister's nursery...all on my own :)
  • I never knew that love at first sight existed until I held Baby Sister in my arms for the very first time.
  • Every day, I love that little girl more and more.
  • Even though she tells me that Lukie is her boyfriend and that I can't sit next to him or hold his hand. Sometimes, I'm not even allowed to look at him.
  • But it's okay, because I totally understand why she loves him so much, so we just play along with her antics :)

Brother Man

  • Brother Man is 25-years young. He will be 26 next month.
  • We are only 15 months apart. Think about this... I was 6 months old when Mama found out she was pregnant with Brother Man. Talk about WHOA.
  • Oh. Did I mention that he was born 1 month premature, to boot? Poor Mama.
  • We have similar features--dark hair, big eyes. But other than that, we don't look alike.
  • We also don't have a great relationship. Or, rather, a relationship at all. Unfortunately. (And I have tried. And continue to try. But sometimes, there is only so much you can do).
  • Brother Man lives in the same small town Mama, Mama's Hubby & Baby Sister live in.
  • He lives with his on-again/off-again girlfriend. Who is an atheist. And since he began dating her several years ago, that is when his relationships with friends & family members declined. It's also when he informed us that he no longer believes in God, or any higher power.His personality has done a 180. Sadly so.
  • He did, however, come to the Faux Wedding. But we were worried there, for awhile.


  • Daddio just turned 56-years young last month.
  • He lives in my little hometown, up in Central Calfornia (between Fresno & Bakersfield, for you Cali peeps).
  • He works for Kraft.
  • He still has horses...and I am a little jealous of this fact.
  • He's not my biological father. But he raised my brother & me and he legally adopted us. Meaning, his name is on our Birth Certificates and we took his last name. He IS my father.
  • He hasn't remarried since he and Mama got divorced. He has dated, but that's about it.
  • Our relationship was rocky from the time I was about 12 years old until about the time I called off my prior engagement to J.
  • He LOVES Mr. Lukie, and has from the minute they met. That? It's never happened before. But Mr. Lukie is that kinda guy. Everyone loves him.

The Fur Kids

  • Caddie is almost 84-years young. Isn't she so precious?

  • She was rescued from the pound when she was just a weensy pup.

  • She doesn't always look that precious and serene. Trust me.

  • She is a Pit Bull. And she is the biggest lover you will ever meet. (That was for all of you nay-sayers who think Pit Bulls are evil, terrible dogs. They aren't. And if you wanna argue about it, I will win. So don't even try)   ;) 

  • She thinks she's a lap dog (at 60+ pounds) and will attack you by licking you to death. Or by placing her paw on your hand and dragging your hand onto her chest. Or her back. Or her belly. Her favorite spots to be rubbed & scratched.

  • She loveslovesloves her mama & listens to me. She strives to please me.  Not so much her daddy, though. (But she loveslovesloves him, too).

  • Caddie has many nicknames. We call her "Bean," "Wombat," "Wombie," "Mamas," and "Womberson."

  • Caddie loves going to the beach & swimming in the ocean. She loves to fetch her ball & roll around in the wet sand.

  • Oh, and she's a huge fan of eating cat poop and other nasty things found while on a walk.

  • Mr. Lukie inherited Caddie from his mom when she moved from Orange County, CA to Texas a few years back.

  • Six is almost 98-years young. He sure doesn't act like it. (See photo above for proof).

  • He was rescued from the Yolo County pound when Mr. Lukie was in college up at UC Davis.

  • Six acts exactly as one could expect, being raised by a college student. (Ahem: Six thinks it is okay to eat off of our plates. He thinks that he deserves to lick our plates clean when we're done with them. He thinks it is okay to do what he pleases, when he pleases, how he pleases.)

  • Mrs. Lukie has tried (sometimes successfully, but mostly...not) to break Six of these aforementioned habits.

  • He is a Lab/Pit mix. (Ooooh...there it is again, that evil Pit Bull word!)

  • He, too, believes he is a lap dog. Weighing in at 70+ pounds, I usually shout an obscenity when he steps on my bare toes.

  • He loveslovesloves his daddy. He whines when he knows Mr. Lukie is home and he either can't find him, or Mr. Lukie has gone outside for a moment. SUCH a baby!

  • Six also has several nicknames. We call him "Grampa," "Sixy," "Bubba," "The Black Kid," "Boo," and "Pappa."

  • Six hates the water, but loves to go to the beach & run around.

  • And if you bust out with a blanket on the couch? You better be prepared to share with Six. He hops up on the couch next to you, snuggles in and expects you to share your blanky with him. If you don't, you totally get ignored for the rest of the evening.

  • Needless to say, winter time around our house is...interesting, trying to fit Mr. & Mrs. Lukie on the couch, as well as Sixy. All under the same blanket.


  1. It was so nice to be introduced to your family and fur baby! You are certainly blessed! XO!

  2. Love this post :) Especially the toilet paper, haha

  3. It was good to "meet" your family.

    Your sister and your fur babies are darling :)

  4. I love that you included your fur kids as I always do mine when I talk about our family! Also, I think it is hilarious you have a toliet paper roll pick as I have a very similar one with my 70+ pounfrt ANNNNDDD....we have the same doggy bed!! :)

  5. good post! families - as crazy and sometimes irritating as they are - are great. :]

    have a blessed thanksgiving!

  6. Blogged hopped here from Chloe. :) I cracked up laughing at the pic of your dog tearing up the toilet paper. Oh man, those fur kids sure do get themselves into a world of trouble. Enjoyed reading about your fam. That's really sad about your brother, my brother in-law is a lot the same way... :/


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