Wednesday, November 4, 2009

NaBloPoMo - Day 4

[We are in the bathroom yesterday morning getting ready to engage in a water-conserving shower. Mr. Lukie looks at me & I start laughing hysterically. There is a large greenish yellow string of snot across his right cheek. He obviously has no idea it is there. He looks in the mirror and is, of course, delighted & disgusted all at once. I'm still laughing, mind you. Below is the conversation that ensued]:

Me: " could you not know that was there?!" {giggle giggle}
Mr. Lukie: "Baaaaabe! Not nice! I'm Snotty, Wheezy, Nasally & Boogery. I'm half of The Seven Wharfs." {insert sad face here}
Me: "The Seven WHO?"
Mr. Lukie: "The Seven Wharfs."
Me: " you mean The Seven Dwarves?!"
Mr. Lukie: "That's what I said! The Seven Dwarves!"

I'm not so sure about that one, Mr. Lukie...


  1. My husband does that sort of thing ALL.THE.TIME! (Say the wrong word for whatever it is he is trying to describe...). It's endearing, isn't it?! LOL.

  2. HAHAHA LOVE IT!!! Especially since I can picture that exact same scenario playing out between Cacy and I!! Some of his language blunders include: Buft instead of buff, ja-la-p-e-nos instead of jalapenos. HAHAHAH CLASSIC!!! :)

  3. That's just too funny, from start to finish!


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