Friday, November 6, 2009

NaBloPoMo - Day 6

Being Married to a Firefighter Means:

  • He's not home to clean up a poopy-paw, causing the entire house to reek of poo.
  • He's not home when the spigot-thingy is stuck in the faucet & I can't take a bath when, really, that's all I want to do.
  • Other women, upon hearing hubby is a firefighter, tend to get this flushed, giddy look on their faces & then ask to see a picture of him. Please, take 10 steps backwards, turn around, and walk the other way. We'll pretend that we never met.
  • He's not home when the spider/mouse/rat/fill in the blank is loose in the house.
  • He's not home when beloved fur-kid gets sprayed by skunk outside & is foaming at the mouth & leaving a trail of skunk spray & foam
  • He's not home when the reformed-gangster-boys knock on the door at 8:45pm with a box of King Sized Reeces Peanut Butter Cups--one can be all yours in exchange for a $10 donation to keep him off the streets & from gangbanging.
  • Cooking dinner for one is no fun.
  • 10 (or 11 or 12...depends on the month) days out of the month, I am a single mother to our 2 furkids. Those poor babies. So neglected and unloved. {/sarcasm}
  • If he's working on a Sunday, I have to drag the trash can out to the curb. And every other week, that'd be the trash can AND the recycling can. ::sigh::
  • Going to church/parties/other events alone when he's on duty.
  • 24 hours without my husband. Sometimes, 48 or even 72 hours!

But Being Married to a Firefighter Also Means:
  • He doesn't have to watch me gag & practically swallow my own vomit while I clean up a poopy-paw.
  • He doesn't witness how I'm trying to unstick the spigot-thingy on the faucet in order to take a bath...probably not the best ideas I have, sometimes.
  • Having other fire wives to laugh & roll eyes with when we talk about women who think being in a relationship with a firefighter is all fun & games. Yes, they're brave & courageous & have a dangerous job. They're also human and they fart, they burp, they smell. And yes, they're sexy. But not when they're doing those things.
  • He gets to clean up the remnants of spider/mouse/rat/fill in the blank after I've trapped it under a plastic cup & left it. Even if it's in the middle of the bathroom floor.
  • He's not there to see me freak out & try to figure out how to load up 80lb dog who got sprayed by skunk into car to take to the Emergency Vet. Then realize that the dog is going to be just fine. And then he cleans up the skunky disgustingness when he gets home the next morning :)
  • He doesn't know about all of those $10 bills I give to the reformed-gangbanger out of fear he'll go back to gangbanging if I don't give him the $10.
  • Frozen yogurt + Beer = Dinner when he's on duty.
  • 20 days out of the month, he's the full-time daddy to the furkids.
  • He drags the trash cans back to the house after trash day. Even if he's on duty, because I leave them on the curb for him to drag in when he gets home :)
  • Having a legitimate excuse for missing church/parties/other events when he's on duty.
  • 24 glorious hours to myself when he's on duty.
All kidding aside, I LOVE being married to a firefighter. But there are days when I have to make silly lists like this to remind myself that this is the career he chose because he felt called to it. That he is an amazing man who does something so many others wouldn't...couldn' I am so very thankful that he does what he does. Besides, it is pretty fun to tell people fire groupies that I'm married to a firefighter ;)


  1. ooh ooh! May I?

    Being married to a firefighter means having to deal ALONE with no electricity when a storm passes through. (Also here in Wisconsin, it never fails to snow at least a foot whenever Jim's at work leaving me to shovel our ginormous driveway)

    Being married to a firefighter means always having a "plan" in case something bad should happen in the middle of the night.

    However, being married to ff also means having a huge bed all to yourself once every three nights :) It also means having a man who can cook a mean meal since he's used to it on the job :)

  2. #3, really? I've never quite understood that "men in uniform" thing. Like the FF/PD Calendars? I dated a cop and have friends married/dating FFs and it wasn't all exciting and sexy for me or them so I don't get why girls get excited over uniforms?
    And that's quite tacky that women react that way in front of you. I guess I can say the attractive thing in the image for me would be a lot of them are in shape... but I know that's not all of them.

    My dad's best friend was a FF Capt so I saw it closer than most growing up-- which is maybe I don't understand the glamour that some women put on "the uniform..."

    Sorry I don't mean to rant in you blog, but it drives me nuts when people idolize professions... athletes, actors and doctors alike. It's their job not who they are!

    Anyway, it takes a special person like you said to be able to handle being married to a FF. My friend's husband hardly ever gets to attend stuff (funny, his name is Matt too) and with her schedule (work by 5am) they are constantly in passing. But like you said there are some pluses too-- like having space and being able to cherish the moments you do get with one another. :)

  3. Fire Groupies!? Wow, I had no idea they existed!

  4. Ha! The joys of being a firewife...seriously, a lot of joy
    Yes, we have to fend for ourselves...but there is much I enjoy about the 24 hour shifts.

    Do you have other firewives that you socialize with (in real life)?

  5. Really enjoyed your post. Then I clicked here to leave a comment only to discover that my dear wife ( DOESN'T really mind me being gone for 24 hours at a time!

    Thanks, dear :)


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