Sunday, November 8, 2009

NaBloPoMo - Day 8...and...101 in 1001 - #12: Learn to Mountain Bike

(Thank goodness he got the picture prior to me putting the ever so dorky helmet on, AND before we headed off on the trail)

Mr. Lukie used to be an avid mountain biker (before I came into the picture). I've never gone, nor had any desire to because I've never known anyone who mountain bikes. I'm quite an adrenaline junky, though. I love riding motorcycles, going skydiving, riding rollercoasters...anything that will challenge me to overcome what my head is telling me, give me a good scare, and then leave me with just enough adrenaline to do it all over again. From what I hear, mountain biking is very much like that.

After a 12-mile roundtrip mountain biking expedition with Mr. Lukie today, I'd say it challenged me to overcome that voice inside my head saying, "Don't do it! You're gonna fly over the handlebars & get ripped to shreds!" it gave me a good scare, but left me with just enough adrenaline to keep me going harder, faster & riskier.

The only thing I wasn't prepared for? The entirely-too-sore-to-sit bum that came along with it. Ahem. It would have been nice to have a FEMALE seat to account for the, uh, difference in male & female parts, Mr. Lukie!


  1. Glad you had fun :) When I read that you went for a 12 mile ride, my first thought was "uh oh...did she get a comfortable seat??" A 5 mile ride for me leads to much MUCh pain! I'm always squeezing and oogling over those super squishy bike seats at the sporting goods store :)

    But still..what a fun hobby for your two :)

  2. Ha ha :) You're a good sport!

  3. How fun, Sarah! I am an adrenaline junkie too!

    BTW, I never realized your hair color is so light! It's pretty!

  4. Awww you're the cutest mountain bike apprentice ever!


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