Saturday, December 5, 2009


I saw a new OB/GYN on Tuesday. As always, when seeing someone new, I was anxious.
"Is she going to judge me because I have had a LEEP procedure done?"
"Uhhh...I shaved my legs last night, but only the bottom half. My inner thighs might be prickly."
"What is she going to think when she views my chart and sees that I have had more abnormal paps than I can count on one hand?"
"Ohmygosh. I'm getting closer to 30. I hope she doesn't decide 27 is close enough and do the whole finger in the bum thing I've heard about..."
"Will she say something to me about my grooming habits?"
You know. Totally normal things to be anxious about, right? (I'm such a freak).

So imagine my surprise walks a he. Male. Dude. Man. Opposite of a she.

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not uncomfortable or squeamish with the idea of having a male OB. It's just that my past experience lends itself to discounting my complaints as "normal," being slightly less personable than I'd like for someone examining my...stuff to be, and, I have a problem with my OB not ever having had a period, hence, lack of empathy.

It's just that, well, I thought Dr. S was a WOMAN. Why I thought this, I'm not sure. Probably just a little something I made up in my head. And, really. Why wouldn't I just assume Dr. S was a woman? What MAN takes an interest in a woman's nether regions? Oh...yeah. Hah. Ummmmm. Right.

Dr. S's nurse leads me back, after weighing me (uh, yeah...about that...eek!) and takes me into the exam room. She takes my blood pressure & tells me that Dr. S will be in shortly, and...wait for it!...TO LEAVE MY CLOTHES ON!

What?! Who ever heard of having DIGNITY whilst discussing vaginal and other womanly concerns with her doctor??

Dr. S enters the exam room. He's got this super awesome accent and a wonderfully calming voice. He beams at me and tells me it is great to meet me. And guess what? There was a genuineness in his voice. And he spoke slowly, waiting for my answers & replies to his questions. No rushing. No minimizing. No judgement.

He heads for the door, but asks me before he goes to undress completely & to put the gown on, open side facing the back. When he returns, he knocks. And he WAITS for my response to come in. He doesn't knock as he's pushing the door open in a haste. What a concept!

He brings his nurse in with him for the exam. He only moves parts of the gown as necessary--for the abdominal exam, the breast exam--he doesn't flap open my gown and leave me hangin' out there, covered in goosebumps (those rooms are always so dang cold!), made to feel like a Circus Freak.

He didn't judge me for having had a LEEP procedure done. He complimented my cervix. (And call me weird, but one way to my heart is to compliment my cranky cervix. Seriously. I nearly despise the thing for all the trouble it's given me. And he? He seemed to think it was fab!) Told me that it looked great & healthy, and that he cannot even tell I ever had LEEP done.

He didn't utter a single word about my inner thighs being prickly. (Or about those stretch marks that can be found, hiding on the innermost parts of my thighs).

He said he's keeping his fingers crossed for a normal pap, but will let me know my results either way.

No slippage of a phalange in the bum.

And not a mention of my grooming habits.

Dr. S may not be a woman, but I am so thankful that he isn't. I am not dreading our next appointment, whenever that may be. My fingers are crossed for December 2010, but if that's not in the cards and it is sooner than that? I'll be SO alright with that.


  1. Why would someone judge you badly for having the LEEP done?

    I have a male dr. I had a female once, many years back, and I thought her bedside manner was poor. I have had males ever since, and love my current dr.

  2. He sounds like a good doc. I give you props though for having a guy all up in your girlie parts :) I just don't think I could do it!! Spreading my legs in front of a chic is embarassing enough!

  3. Do you know if he was actually an MD? The reason I ask is because my (female) OBGYN treated me the EXACT same why. Came in and talked to me before having me undress, etc. I assumed she was a MD because of the Dr. before her name, but then I came to find out she was a nurse practitioner. (Silly me! I should know that nurses can have doctorates too). I honestly didn't care she was a DNP, but was curious if this was a OBGYN-nurse thing, or just a new way practitioners in general are providing care in this particular area of medicine.

    Anyways, glade you had a good experience with your new doctor!

  4. LOL, glad it went well! My ob/gyn for my birth was a man. But he ended up not being on duty that day and I had a woman.

  5. I'm with you on males not having empathy with pain. Seriousl, how could they know?!

    But I also have had some awful OB/Gyn's and ARNP's, just the same.

  6. Three things:

    1. Yes I am doing give!
    2. Why are LEEP's looked down upon....wait let me back up...WHAT IS AN LEEP!!??
    3. How can I make my blog pretty like yours and the jewelry lady!! :) HEHEHEHE

  7. Oh I am so glad that it went well for you and what a professional doctor! That is always a relief when you find a doctor who truly cares about their patient.

    Thanks so much for your sweet comment, hope you enjoy your week sweetie!

  8. Wait till you have kids! ALL your dignity goes out the window! :) I swore up and down I wouldn't have anyone help me use the bathroom after my C-sec, but it's so painful to move that I didn't care who saw what! Okay, the morphine helped me care less, too. Glad you found a Doctor with a nice bedside manner!

  9. Oh I forgot to mention have so much seeing The Grinch, you will have to let me know what you think! :)

  10. Sounds like quite a suprise when Mrs. Doc became Mr. Doc.

    Glad everything went well for you.

    Praying for the best for you.



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