Thursday, December 10, 2009

Firefighter's Christmas Ball

We had a lot of fun, getting all dressed up & heading out for a night on the town. Mr. Lukie looked especially gorge in his Class A's, ifIdosaysomyself!

At home, in front of our Christmas Tree.

Self portrait (always so necessary!)

In front of the Christmas Tree at the ball.


  1. You guys are a gorgeous couple!

  2. you guys are beautiful together!!

  3. You guys are so sweet and you are simply gorgeous, my Dear.

    It looks like a pretty formal event. Wow, we just had a little ol' potluck at our department! But we are a town of 18,000 people or so.

  4. PS, only a few of the captians have class A's. I wish my hubby had one!

  5. You look so pretty, what an amazing couple you are!

  6. It took me long enough...!

    But these are gorgeous :)


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