Friday, December 4, 2009

GIVE! Update & Felicitous Friday

I am so excited to see so many of you participating in GIVE! If you still want to participate, it's not too late! And remember that I am holding a giveaway at the end of the month for everyone who participates. In order to qualify for the giveaway, you need to leave me a comment either on the original post or this one to let me know you're participating so that I can start a list of names to be entered into the giveaway. (There will be many other ways to rack up more entries into the giveaway, but this is how I know to include you at all!)

My GIVE! Progress Report:
12/1/09 - I made a huge pot of Chili (recipe to come soon!) the night before. I surrendered my Reality TV watching for the evening and allowed The Roomie & his friend (who just so happens to be our ex-roomie!) full control of the living room to play XBox, while eating my delish chili.

12/2/09 - Since my mom's husband lost his job (and he was the sole provider of income in the home), things have been tough--emotionally and financially--around there. Mr. Lukie and I gave them a few months' worth of living expenses. Merry Christmas!

12/3/09 - While running an errand for the office, I made a pit stop at Starbucks for an iced tea. (Really, I should have gone to McDonald's for their $1 Sweet Tea. Have you had it? Sooooo tasty! I'm addicted!) The barista who took my order looked like she was having a bad day. I placed my order and said, "You have a really great smile!" and walked away. I hope it brightened her day a bit.

So there you have it. I told you it could be ANYTHING--big or small--to make someone else's day even just a little bit better. We're not trying to move mountains with the idea of GIVE! but the goal is to hopefully create just enough of a stir within someone else that they'll want to pass the generosity on. Or at least feel happy, even for 30 seconds :)

On to Felicitous Friday...

** We called every last one of our creditors--Bank of America, Wells Fargo,
Chase, Home Depot, Fleet, Citibank & my Student Loan. And gave them
every last penny that we owed to them...

** Tomorrow night is the Firefighters Christmas Ball.
I am wearing this dress:

With these shoes (if they arrive today):

Or these shoes, if they don't (which I already own):

Hair inspiration:

And make-up inspiration:

** Tonight, Mr. Lukie and I will head to Christmas on the Prado (now known, 'politically correct' as December Nights...LAME!) with some friends. This is our first time going,
so we're VERY excited! I can't wait to take amazing pics with the new DSLR.

** Going to see Precious (the movie) with one of my Besties tomorrow morning. Eeep!

** Our house is dripping with silver & gold Christmas decor! (Mr. Lukie let me do
my "designer" Christmas tree, this year).We finalized
everything last night and as soon as I learn how to operate
the DSLR (aside from the point & click mode) I will post photos :)

So...update time! How are you all doing with GIVE! ? And what are you happy about today?

I hope you all have a wonderfully fabulous weekend! 


  1. So glad you posted about being debt free! You deserve it, girl! I've been a little slow to email you back.

    And bring tissues to Precious! It's a tear jerker :)

  2. wow!!! You can't see it but I'm right now giving you a standing ovation!! CONGRATULATIONS on debt free that must be an awesome feeling!! You should celebrate like crazy at the Christmas Ball tomorrow night!! Seriously what an inspiration!! Oh and after thinking and praying about it I'm totally in on GIVE!!

  3. Wow!! That is awesome news on being debt free! Congratulations! I hope that I will have a post of my own about that soon. And wonderful of you guys to help your mom and her hubby out like that.

  4. Wow, that is amazing to be debt free! it's my husband and my goal, but first we need a job and a paycheck! Living off of no paycheck for 8 months really makes you look hard at how you spend money!

  5. Congrats on being debt free! I wish we were there!

  6. Congrats on being debt free!!!!!!!! Amazing!!!!

    I am doing "give" too, don't forget me!

  7. Congrats on being debt free! That's amazing. And Kudos to you for giving! :)

  8. Wow Congrats on being debt free!! And wow the giving your mom and her husband a few months of living expenses, Merry Christmas indeed!!

    I'm doing Give and I love it!

  9. Congrats on being debt free, that is amazing and you are such a giving heart warming gal, I love it!


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