Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Who is up for a December challenge? It doesn't involve having to post every single day, nor does it involve cooking, cleaning, shopping or any of those other taxing chores that seem to take up most of our time (especially in the month of December).

I read this on the NaBloPoMo website--it's their challenge for the month of December. And I LOVE it. So, I'm participating and I'd like to invite all of you out there to participate with me and check in weekly (or whenever you have the chance).

Ready to hear it? Your challege, should you choose to accept it...
...is to give something, to someone, every day of the month, and then blog about it (at your leisure!) The goal is to act with kindness, generosity, hospitality and love. This does not require money or even having to leave the comfort of your home (though it would be AWESOME if you do!) You can volunteer or donate your time/old clothes/extra food/etc. You can pay someone a compliment on their smile or their sweater. Send an encouraging email to someone who may need it. A text message to someone, just to let them know you're thinking about them. Just do something ...anything!... out of the kindess of your heart for another person. Even when you're feeling crabby, are pressed for time, or just plain ol' don't wanna.

So who is in with me? At the end of the month, I'll hold a giveaway for all who participate. I haven't yet decided what I'll be giving away, but it will be something good! And fun! And of the goodness of my heart...he he ;)


  1. I LOVE IT! What a fantastic challenge! I am in :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Sarah--amen. The Love of our Savior is so humbling, and causes us to wonder why we were even created and rescued? I'm so glad our questions and wandering doesn't change His mind. Praise God. :)

    I would love to join your blog challenge! Count me in :D

  3. I am in! I love this idea! :)

    I don't really blog, but I will keep a list on my computer to track the things I do! Now I've got to get started thinking about what I want to give today! :)

  4. What a great idea! I love the idea of intentionally making an effort to give to others!

  5. OMG I LOVE it!! AND I'm okay for today Dec 1, I did give someone something! Thanks for the great idea!!


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