Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa,
I've been a very good girl this year. I know that money is tight in every single pocketbook around the world these days. I just want you to know that I don't expect anything for Christmas this year. I just purchased a beautiful DSLR and Mr. Lukie just purchased a new (used, but new to him) mountain bike, so we decided that those are more than sufficient Christmas gifts to one another.

But. If you were to get me something for Christmas, Santy Claus, these are the things that my heart is desiring, in no particular order:

With an "L," please. And if possible? 4 of them.

I would also like 1 of these. You guessed it--an "L."

Size 10, please. And I love them in every single color they come in.

A fully operable CrossFit garage gym.

Obedience classes for Six & Caddie. It's getting to the "Me or the Dogs" point, Santa.


  1. love the boots! Sigh, your list is so practical...I have copious amounts of wants on my list....the ash cuffed boots....tory burch flats....ugg boots (my feet freeze at all his hockey games!)...denim leggings, numerous items of clothes...under armour, yoga dvds, several gary chapman books and other devotionals...yeah, I could keep going! My excuse is that gifts are my love language! haha...

  2. Love those boots too, so adorable. Hope all of your Christmas trees come true! :P

  3. He he, oops, apparently Christmas trees are on my mind. I meant Christmas dreams, lol.

  4. CUTE boots!!!! I also love the mugs.

    LOL- cute comic strip!

  5. Those mugs are super cute! Maybe I should ask Santa, some too :) And the chandelier is beautiful!


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