Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Calling Fellow Type A-ers...

As I prepare to embark on this new season of life (ie leaving full-time employment for full-time education), I've made a "To Do" list. Because I like lists and they help me to stay focused, organized and on track. But let's be honest here, people, it's mostly because I'm Type A and feel completely out of control without one. And I secretly love crossing things off of it. And, shamefully, I add things to my list that I have already done, just so that I can cross them off. I'm sick in the head, I know.

But really, I need your help. {No, not with the sick in the head part. None of you can fix me, this I know}. You see, I loooooooooove me some Google Calendar. I loooooooove the text message alerts I get when I have an appointment or an event. However, I will go absolutely berserk if I have 20 different text messages alerting me daily about which class to go to and when, which chapters to read, which assignment is due, when the test is, etc. I LOVE LOVE LOVE day planners that I can write in. But I haven't used one in years--since I graduated from undergrad. I have no idea where to begin!

So, dear blog readers, are YOU also Type A and rely on a day planner to map out your daily...okay, who am I kidding...HOURLY life? If so, I would looooooove suggestions on your faves!


  1. Hmm...I think maybe you should invest in a Blackberry or some sort of phone that keeps track of your activities if you are not into a planner. Or you can having a calendar tucked in with your checking book so when you buy something you are reminded! Those are my ideas...hope you find something that works well for you. I use a planner because my phone isn't that great, but otherwise I think I would use a phone as my date keeper.

  2. I second the previous commenter I use my crackberry oops I mean blackberry :D PS: LOVE the new layout!!

  3. First of sll, love the new layout.

    Secondly, I also write things on my list that I have already done just so that I can cross them off. :)

    Thirdly, even when I had my iPhone, I STILL used a regular planner. I am so Type A that I had both. Seriously. I bought my most recent one at ataglance.com. It is this one..


    AND, I am so Type A that I highlighted certain things, like if my classes or appointments are from 9-11, I highlight that whole space-helps me see how much free time I actually have instead of just a bunch of clutter. SO my school stuff was green, other appts were pink, etc.

  4. You would definitely love the My Agenda planner-it's beautiful to look at and meets all your requirements for writing in. http://www.momagenda.com/products.cfm?cID=24

  5. I used to be a planner. Then I became a mother. While THAT was planned, nothing since has been. LOL!

  6. Go to Target...they carry a Franklin Covey line called 365 daily, or something like that. Franklin Covey products are just amazing. So well thought out and great for daily use! Plus, they have color, so it isn't totally drab.

  7. Oh my dear girl. Nursing school is going to eat you up and spit out the Type A.

    Trust me.

    No amount of planning and organizing and scheduling will help you with nursing. It will drive you crazy. You'll go nuts. You'll have crying bouts and scream at your husband and vent to your dogs and email all your friends about what a big mistake you've made... and probably drink a little more vino than you do now.

    But - the pay off? When you get into your first floor and see the real nurses in action? And get your first patient? And have your heart break a little when you get to go home and your patient doesn't, especially when you know she/he can't...

    So worth it all. (Might want to print this out and keep by your planner ;)

  8. For me, a planner was an absolute necessity when I was in school. I really needed that visual to be able to see when I had free time.

    I usually get my planners at Barnes and Noble--they have some that are fairly thin, but still have ample space to write the daily stuff, which is so helpful to me!

    Also love the new layout! I saw this one when I was re-doing my blog and almost picked it :)

  9. Yes - if you decide not to go digital, think lightweight!! Textbooks are heavy - you don't want to add to that weight if you don't have to.

    That said, I use Google Calendar synced with my iPod touch. I don't need Wifi to access it (just to sync once in a while), and it's wonderfully lovely! (Also, on Google Calendar, you can choose which events to be notified for and which you don't need an alert for... you can set that up when you create the event.)

  10. Type A here. Unfortunately the "digital" agendas don't do it for me. I still need the cute paper and layouts. When I was a student I bought this: http://shopping.franklinplanner.com/shopping/catalog/productbinder.jsp?navAction=push&navCount=0&crc=cat30007&id=prod2060025 [still surprised they have it!] and used the filler pages that my employer gave us. I would love to buy refills today but with my non-schedule I really don't need so much organization. So I bought a cute pink planner from TJ Maxx for $10 which is perfect for photo sessions and doctors appointments :)

    Oh, and I love the new layout!

  11. Completely cracks me up... I *JUST* made a "To Do List" yesterday for the week-- and rewrote it today. I even added a few things I've already completed that were on my mind just to have something already crossed off my list. I'm sick right there with ya!

  12. You might want to consider a PDA. A lot of nursing schools actually require their students to get one eventually do that can keep drug reference guides on them while they are at clinicals. If I were you, I would look into whether or not your program will require you to get on and purchase it now, rather than later. Otherwise, I always just used the planner that I was given at the beginning of the school year because I didn't feel bad trashing it. I also used three ring binders vs. notebooks. I purchased the three ring binders with the clear, plastic cover so I could slide my syllabus in the front with the current weeks assignment showing so I could access my assignments and assigned reading material quickly.


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