Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Prayer Requests

2 blog posts in 1 day? Wow, you'd think it was NaBloPoMo all over again ;)

I just have 2 requests of you, my lovely bloggy friends:
1- Please pray for our roommate and dear friend, Jason, as he departs for Haiti this evening. He drove up to LA this afternoon to continue gathering supplies & last minute items and will fly out of LAX to Haiti. He is going with Giving Children Hope. He is a Paramedic and has a lot of his own medical supplies, as he runs Trek Medics (if you look around the site you just might see Mr. Lukie on there). Please pray for his safety, as well as the safety of the others he is traveling with. Also, please pray that God can use Jason as a vessel to bring the Haitian people to God.

2- My mom's husband was offered a job, to begin February 1st! God is so good!! He has been unemployed for several months now and the financial and emotional burden was really taking its toll on them as a family. Please pray that God continues to work miracles in their lives.

3- Oh, and ummm. Please pray for me. I'm being really bratty today. And I KNOW I'm being bratty. And I'm having a hard time not being bratty. (Gosh, you'd think I was 12 years old or something, right?)


  1. **praying for you, your family, and friends***

  2. Hey Mrs. Lukie, I am hoping all is well with you!

    Here is something for Post #1

    Now part of living right
    Is being prepared to fight
    That means there’s gonna be sleepless nights
    In this walk with Christ
    But Lord you know
    Anytime day or night I’ll go
    Even if my own mother says no

    Anywhere you lead I’ll follow
    If you need somebody Lord, I’ll go
    If nobody else wants to go
    I’m saying Lord, it’s alright send me

    I’ll be glad to go
    And let the whole world know
    What it takes to be saved for sure
    And that they must endure
    With my word in hand
    I’ll spread it through the lands
    With the power of prayer I can
    Reach the souls of man


    And for the ones that don’t believe
    That I will be where he leads me
    Even if I have to fall down on my kness
    It’s alright with me, I’ll follow thee


    So Jason will be fine!
    Blessings to you all.

  3. That's so great about the job offer! It can be so tough on men when they are unemployed. Praying for Jason as he begins on his journey!

  4. Just know that I'll be praying for your prayer requests!!! Have a Blessed Evening!

  5. You never told me your roommate is ridiculously hot ;)

    I hope he has a safe trip and that your parent's financial situation continues to improve... and you, my dear, will always be ok!

  6. ^ Cheryl, please share where you saw that... I missed the photos?

    Glad to hear your mom's husband found a job. He is very fortunate ahd I am sure a relief on your family.

    Must be the day today. I am being a brat too. Big brat. Yoga helped tremendously... thankfully he is patient and understanding :)

  7. Ummm ... you do realize that that Haitian people already have their own set of spiritual beliefs and would probably be offended of help came with strings attached and manipulation from people going there under the pretense of helping them only to convert them to their own personal supposedly superior spiritual beliefs right.

    Frankly Sarah, I'm pretty shocked by that statement and more than a little offended.

  8. I hope and pray that Jason is an effective tool to bring hope to the people of Haiti.

    I will also pray that you will be filled with the Holy Spirit till you are overflowing. When I'm feeling "bratty", I know that the enemy wants me big time to follow His Will. My job is to ask the Holy Spirit to help me resist. God promises that He will help you fight temptation but you can't do it on your own. You need his help. Great job for recognizing the brattiness though. That's half the battle, Sarah!

    BTW, so glad you are doing the questions with your hubby. I wish mine would go through it with me, but that is just not his style. Something that book helped me with, is recognizing that and not trying to turn my hubby into something I want him to be. ;)

  9. Praying.

    What a horrible situation in Haiti! I will pray for his safety and for his Christian influence in that devastated country.

    Praying for your stepfather.

    Praying for you during your brattiness :)

  10. Oh lady. Keeping your friend, family and YOU in my thoughts!

  11. Certainly--will do. Praying for you and yours!

  12. We've missed you this last week! I pray all is well with your friends and family and that your friend was able to be a shining example of what faith in Christ can do to hearts held in bondage by the roots of spiritual darkness in Haiti. They need the light of the Gospel, because what they have isn't working.

  13. Definitely praying for your mom's husband's job situation. I certainly know how scary it is...


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